Easy Veggie Fritters

Naughty Naturopath Dad is quite a good cook and even though he doesn't get to cook as much as he'd like due to the time he gets home at night, on the weekends he loves to get in the kitchen and whip up some of his favourites and also do some experimenting! These fritters were one of his quick creations and even though they are mega simple, I thought I'd share because who doesn't love simple and delicious? Plus veggie fritters can be a snack or eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Lazy Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

I call this Lazy Chicken to entice you to make your evenings a bit lazier.

Broccoli Bowls!

I am blogging this recipe (finally) after previously thinking it was just too simple (I just threw it together one day and it's become a frequent repeat). But I message so many people this recipe when it's asked for that I figure it warrants it's own blog now!  It's one of my most photographed meals on Instagram because I eat it for lunch almost every week and have even been known to eat it a few times in a week! It would also be a great dinner or breakfast dish too but it's become a lunch habit for me so I keep it in that time slot! Broccoli is the star and even though pretty much all the other ingredients can be substituted, broccoli has to be the mainstay. It's the star so keep it in!

Slow Cooker Beef Cheek Curry

Ok, no muss, no fuss, I'm getting this blog done as quickly as I can after all the interest expressed in this recipe.

Triple C Sauerkraut

We all know by now that looking after your gut means looking after your overall health don't we? Anything you can add into your day that says 'I'm looking after my gut' improves your immunity, mood, digestion and overall balance in your body.

Paleo San Choy Bow

I have been very blessed to have eaten my fair share of good Chinese food as my step mum is half Chinese and also a chef. Yes, say no more! As it is Chinese New Year today (hello year of the sheep!) I have decided to share a very simple San Choy Bow recipe that I have tweaked here and there so it’s more of a paleo version.

Too Easy Chicken Curry

I call this dish 'Too Easy Chicken Curry' because the easy peasy factor of this recipe is almost funny.

Bone Broth Bolognaise

Most of us have our own tried and tested Bolognaise recipe I'm sure...maybe passed on from mum or maybe even Nonna? (which in that case we should call it bolgnese which is the Italian spelling, bolognaise being French!) I have adapted my bolognaise over the years to suit a good lashing of bone broth being included. 

Savoury Paleo Slice

I love experimenting with quick and easy heat-up meals that work for lunch, breakfasts, dinners, snacks and lunchboxes! I am a HUGE fan of the Zucchini slice for this reason and modified my polenta version  (which you can check out HERE) to give me the perfect slice that I can grab when I can't be bothered to cook breakfast or I'm simply short on time.

Creamy Chicken and Bacon with Vegetable Noodles

My name is Alisha and I'm on the whole30 program, it's been 15 days since my last drink.....😉

I get through my days cooking up a storm. Cooking like a maniac in fact because all food I eat for the next 30 days has to be grain free, sugar free, dairy free, soy free, potato free, corn free....well you get the picture. I am a total foodie and needless to say, I want to love the food I'm eating so I'm going to as much trouble as I can be bothered with each day to jazz up my simple wholefood diet.

Why the Bone Broth Frenzy? Plus Bone Broth and Gravy Recipe

I can't believe I'm finally getting around to blogging a bone broth recipe! I have made it for years and years and never took photos but now so many people are jumping on the broth bandwagon (YAY! this makes me very happy!) and so others are asking "What's the go with bone broth?"  or "What's this broth frenzy all about?" and finally, "Alisha, we have searched your site and can't find your broth recipe!" Ooops.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

This is such a quick and easy veggie dish that is also so versatile as it can be eaten as a main or as a side! Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and jam packed with protein, veggies, nutrients and f

Perfect Protein Pesto

I love a good pesto and I really love that the ingredients are all so good for you! The ones in the supermarket are mostly based on vegetable oils. These are no good and will often be cheap oils that are quite inflammatory to our bodies. A good homemade pesto is so quick and easy to whip up and you can base it on olive oil which is much better for you.

Healthy Handful Salad

Sometimes I quickly post an easy recipe on my facebook page that doesn't require much typing (instead of blogging it) but this one was shared so many times and I thought it best to pop it in a blog so I have it as a link for people to refer to.

Silica Salad with Creamy Avo Dressing

I love a good salad for so many reasons –

1) They taste amazing

2) They are so versatile

3) They are a great way to pack in raw food, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals

4) They don’t require cooking!

5) You can throw them together in an instant.

So I would like to debate the following popular phrase…… you don't make friends with salad!

Chicken Soup for the Soul

This is a very easy chicken soup to make that is filled with all the good stuff to fight off colds, heal a cold and generally keep you warm and satisfied on a cold night.  I call it my chicken soup for the soul as I always feel at peace after a nice big bowl and like I've been hugged from the inside 😉

Veggie and Polenta Muffins

This is an old favourite that I have slowly adapted over the years from a recipe that my hubby's mum passed on to me.  I'm sure a lot of you have a zucchini slice recipe in the family? Well this is a version of that and I have made it gluten free by using polenta which holds this slice or muffin together really well. I loved the texture that it brought to this recipe staple and it's become a favourite for lunch boxes! So you can make this as a slice or use cupcake patty tins or muffin trays to make little muffins.

Bad Boy Layered Salad with Haloumi, Chicken and Roasted Veg

This has been a favourite of my hubby's and mine since I threw a whole lot of stuff together one night about 10 years ago and it worked brilliantly! I've never altered what's gone in it because it just worked so perfectly. Don't you love it when that happens?

Easy Dairy Free Risotto

This risotto is ridiculously easy to make! Now I know the thermomix people out there will be saying to the computer screen "oh yeah, well my thermie makes risotto in 16 minutes!"  Trust me, if I was among you I would be saying it too...but for those who make risotto the 'old fashioned way', you are going to love the simplicity of this beautiful risotto.  It is fantastic as this dish is good for dairy and gluten intolerance as it is free from those foods.  The flavours and different textures are insanely good - squishy pumpkin, peas that pop and pine nuts that crunch and the saffron....mmmmm.  Plus there is no ladling of stock bit by bit, it's a quick process that still turns out fantastically!

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Ok, quinoa tabbouleh recipe time.

But first things first, how do you spell tabbouleh? Seriously? We have tabouli, tabbouli and taboulleh all hanging out there together confusing a girl like me…anyway, I love the stuff but being gluten free, I prefer to use quinoa instead of the usual burghul cracked wheat that is more commonly used to make tabbouleh. It is mega delicious using quinoa and also ups the protein content of the dish as well as making it less inflammatory for most people (quinoa is actually a seed and not a grain so grain free people can often do quinoa without any hassle).

Healthy Nachos

Ok, who doesn't love a good nachos? Obviously it can be made in many different styles and this is such a great recipe because you can change a few things here or there depending what's in the fridge and it will still taste extremely yummy.

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