Flower essences are vibrational natural remedies that create subtle but very powerful shifts within the body. They have been used for thousands of years in some cultures and were made popular in Western Medicine by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930’s (you may already know of Bach flower remedies or the Bach Rescue Remedy which are based on the English native flowers).

They are water based and contain NO essential oils or fragrance. There is no physical component of the flower left in the flower essence remedies (so are very non-reactive) and along with the carrier of pure distilled water, they simply contain the energetic imprint of the flower which can have an amazing effect on our energy body. Our flower essence mists do contain essential oils as well as the flower essences but they are designed for use around your person and your spaces.

I work with Australian wild flower essences as I believe they have a stronger frequency and work better in stronger personalities and constitutions. Nowadays, flower essences are used by naturopaths, acupuncturists, energy healers, kinesiologists, homeopaths, paramedics and by some mental health practitioners.

So very basically the essences provide an energetic release of stored emotions that may be blocking you from achieving emotional and physical balance.

The body is always trying to reach a state of balance but due to living life with all its stresses and busyness, we sometimes carry the road blocks that prevent us from getting where we want to go. Once the emotion or memory has been released from the subconscious, the physical issue that came about from this emotion has the freedom to go back into balance.

To sum up, flower essences are an energetic remedy that are extremely safe for all ages and if you’re wondering how they differ from essential oils please see my answer to that frequently asked question below.

Yes, they are safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The question of whether flower essence blends are essential oils comes up a lot and the answer is no! The flower essence remedies are very different to essential oils and have no fragrance whatsoever. Essential oils are the extracted oil of the flower whereas flower essences are the vibrational imprint of the whole flower captured in water and then preserved with a small amount of alcohol. They have no smell and very little taste and are more similar to a homeopathic remedy, which are also known as energy or vibrational remedies. Unlike most essential oils, flower essences are designed for and therefore very safe for internal consumption.

Our flower essence MISTS do contain essential oils so they do have lovely fragrances. They are for spraying around yourself and your space and are not for oral use.

This is probably my most commonly asked question because when people see all the blends they often want them all! You might be drawn to a particular blend for you or your child based on the name of the blend or a review you have seen. By reading the product description, this should help you determine if that blend is needed in your household. I’ve also got many packs for you to choose from which are blends that are bundled together for my most commonly requested needs such as my Calm Kids pack or my Essential Mum Pack.

If you are unsure of what to choose or need more specific help, then I recommend a custom made blend which involves answering a questionnaire so we can work on your specific needs and wants for you or your child.

You can definitely take more than one blend at a time and I suggest choosing the blend that you are needing most right now (this could be your custom blend or a ready made blend that is most accurate for you at this time) and take that blend morning and night. You can also take other ready made blends throughout the night or day on an ‘as needed’ basis. For example, if feeling upset, you can take Help blend as needed or if noticing negative self talk, take the Self Love blend etc. And you can also pop 7 drops in your water bottle that can be sipped on during the day.

Check out this blog post too for more on Getting The Most Out Of Your Flower Essence Blends and it covers taking more than one too.

Flower essences work because you are adding a new frequency to your body which creates a gentle and subtle shift in the body’s own energy field, this can then cascade into quite large and significant changes. It sometimes only takes a gentle nudge to start the process of the change that you’re looking for.

Humans, animals and absolutely everything around us is made up of energy molecules and we can alter this energy through things like exercise, meditation, relaxation and by adding different energetic vibrations to our systems via my flower essence remedies. I love the word E-motion for this reason because it describes ENERGY in MOTION.

There are so many things that my Flower Essence remedies can help you and your family with. They can help with anything from letting go of emotions that aren’t serving you like anger, fear, confusion, frustration, negative self talk, fatigue, doubt, overwhelm, cravings, restlessness to helping you be able to focus better, create a more positive mindset, have more energy, and generally just feel a lot lighter, clearer and calmer than before.

Basically anything that is going on for you or your child right now, is usually just a build up of stagnant energy due to emotions that were not properly expressed at the time because of not knowing how or simply not having enough time to process something. Flower Essences can help shift and move these emotions and energy through for you.

Slow Down blend is primarily for feelings of agitation, scattered thoughts and behaviour, feeling stressed, impatient and not being able to slow down racing thoughts. Sweet Dreams is primarily for relaxing the mind, helping to switch off and increase the chance of a deeper rest. Both can be used for similar outcomes and even used in conjunction. You may find that one works better for you than the other as they each have different flower essences in them and some will work with your vibrations better than others. If both product descriptions speak to you, I advise using both together.

The dose is 7 drops morning and night until the bottle is gone. Best taken on rising and just before bed. They can also be taken as often as needed during the day or night. They can even be used in a glass of water or water bottle throughout the day and the dose is still 7 drops when used this way.

A 30ml bottle taken twice daily will last approximately 2-3 weeks and a 50ml bottle 3-4 weeks.

To avoid contaminating the dropper, hold the dropper above your mouth and drop in 7 drops under tongue or straight in the mouth. Some people are happier to fill 1/4 of the dropper and squirt that amount in at once (which is around 7 drops worth). Similarly, if giving the drops to your child, hold dropper above their mouth so the dropper doesn't go in the mouth. You can also put the 7 drops in a glass of water or water bottle.

With custom blends I recommend that you complete the first bottle and see how you feel on completion.  If you notice the same things we were addressing with your blend are coming back then I definitely recommend getting a refill of your custom blend and continuing to do this as long as it’s needed. 

It’s the same with the ready made blends, however you may be taking these more on an ‘as needed’ basis which is fine and if working that way for you, keep it up! I do recommend taking them daily and if you are not seeing the results you were after by taking them sporadically, then definitely increase to twice daily as well as ‘as needed’. Sometimes it’s hard to notice change especially if it’s happening slowly and so I recommend keeping a diary and keeping track of how you feel each day. You may even want to rate how you coped or felt out of 10 each day. This is a good way to look back and track to see how your blend has changed things for you or your child.

The main difference is that the mists also contain essential oils and are to be used around yourself to treat your energy fields and your personal spaces. The blends do not contain essential oils and are for oral use to treat your energy body, straight in the mouth or in some water.

Both! The most targeted way of using flower essences are with the oral blends (taken twice daily) and the use of the flower essence mists really helps enhance these vibrational shifts. The mists can also be used at times when the blends can't be taken orally for whatever reason (eg. child in the middle of a melt down!) The blends and mists work really well together so if you can, use both!

I learnt about flower essences within my Naturopathy studies which I started in 1997 and I just clicked with them straight away. I made them an important part of my practice when working in clinic as I never believed in sending my client home with herbs and supplements alone as that would be denying them what I consider the most important part of healing – the emotional healing.

Now, the essences are something I offer online, in ready made formulas and I still offer custom made blends via an online questionnaire. Along with food as medicine, they have probably been the most important modality to me in my studies especially in terms of helping people reach major breakthroughs with their emotional health.

This is different for everyone. The ready made blends such as the Help Blend and Slow Down Blend can have an immediate effect as well as longer lasting effects. Custom blends can be felt immediately or may take a few days for you to notice changes. Some people notice a difference after a couple of weeks and some notice when the blend has been completed as they feel different once stopping them (which often means a refill is needed).

The more often you take your blends, the greater effect they will have, as each time you take them, you are effectively ‘topping up’ the essences frequency in your body, which allows the essences to have a longer lasting and more noticeable effect.

The reason I advise to take your blends at least twice daily is to keep those frequencies topped up in the body. They still have an effect if taken just the once, or even when needed, but when really trying to work on certain issues and emotions, the more drops you are taking the better the affect.

There is not really a best time to take your drops but I find that taking them upon waking in the morning and again before bedtime are good times, as you can start to form a habit at these times and then be less likely to forget them. And you can use the blends on an ‘as needed’ basis as well for example Focus right before an exam, or Help after a shock or traumatic event. I also recommend taking your drops 10 mins away from eating or drinking.

This is an option where you purchase from the custom blend menu and once purchased, you then receive a questionnaire via e-mail. Your answers are assessed and we put together a specific formula based on your needs and what you are trying to achieve. Your answers are kept in a strictly confidential file and deleted as soon as your formula is made although we keep the actual formula stored in your account if you need a refill down the track (recommended). You will also be sent follow up e-mails and the option to purchase a refill if you need more time on this blend. This is a very targeted approach to making changes in yours or your child’s emotional health.

Yes, flower essences are very safe long term as they are vibrational remedies with no physical build up of ingredients occurring in the body. 

The ethanol is just used as the preservative and it’s used in a very minimal amount. All flower essences, liquid herbal and homeopathic preparations usually contain a form of alcohol as their preservative and I have chosen organic ethanol for mine as it is less reactive, has no gluten and is milder in taste. Most other brands of flower essences use brandy which has quite a strong flavour and my kids didn't like it so I came up with this as an alternative.

It is the safest and purest way to preserve the flower essence, I have used them through pregnancy and breastfeeding and given them to my children since they were young. Should you have any questions about the effects of minute amounts of alcohol in your given situation, please consult a medical professional.

Customer care

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Custom made blends can take a little longer but they are generally formulated within 1-3 working days and then ready for postage to you.

If you have sent us an e-mail, filled out a website contact form or asked us a question via message on social media, we respond pretty quickly between the hours of 9am - 5pm on weekdays. Outside of those hours, we will get back to you ASAP the following weekday morning.

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