Getting the Most Out Of Your Flower Essence Blends

Every day I am blown away by the amount of people's success stories from using flower essence blends.

Whether it's about themselves or their children, every time I hear positive changes in how people are feeling and how they are now viewing their life and their current circumstances, is a massive win.

Because that is my biggest aim with this business - to help people and their families just feel better within themselves. And often that just takes an emotional or 'energy' shift which is exactly what these clever little flower essences can do!

We have more and more people trying these energy remedies out for themselves these days and I get that they are not the 'norm' for most people and it can be hard to explain how they work (even for me sometimes!)  and often times it all just sounds extremely 'woo woo'.

I explain flower essences Here and Here but put very simply, flower essences are natural remedies that work on our energy bodies. We have many layers of energy fields surrounding our physical body (which is also just made up of energy but much more dense energy!)

Making changes to our energy fields or energy bodies does filter through and effect the physical body so flower essences can be a really gentle way to create some pretty big changes! Humans are just like onions in the sense that we have many layers to peel back and work through in order to get to the actual physical symptoms or behaviours that we are wanting to see change in.

So to break that down a bit, a lot goes on behind the scenes (energetically speaking!) before the change we are most after becomes apparent.

In this blog, I wanted to address some of the more common questions we get here at NNM every week to help you get the most out of working with these remedies.

Taking Your Flower Essences

Just like anything, you need to be fairly regular when taking your essences to get the most out of them as they do work with an accumulative effect. By taking a flower essence, you are adding a new vibration to your body. Taking them twice daily means you keep topping up this vibrational energy in your body so the effect is better.

Once you have brought the body back into a better vibrational balance, then the blends can be just used on an 'as needed' basis.

You can take more than one blend at a time and you can also take two blends together at the same time if you want to! I recommend concentrating on 1-2 blends at a time and taking these twice daily to see how they work for you.

They can be taken under the tongue, straight in the mouth or in some water. They can even go in water bottles to be sipped on throughout the day.

I don't recommend putting them in anything other than water as I can't vouch for the same effectiveness. Other things like juice or food may effect how they are absorbed by the body.

Persist Through What Feels Like The Opposite Effect!

Very occasionally we will have people tell us that they are feeling worse on the blends or that their child's behaviour or sleep has worsened after starting the blends. This is actually a great sign as it means we have hit on the right vibrations for that person!

What can happen is that as we are shifting old stored energy or emotions, they can be felt all over again! This is a very safe release of some old emotional blocks from the past and while they don't feel that great at the time, the result of them unblocking is so worth it!

Some people also find that they are dreaming more vividly and again this can be emotions being released from the subconscious. Persisting through this time will help you feel calmer, lighter and clearer.

So if you or your child seem worse than usual in the initial stages of taking the flower essences, be gentle, use some Help blend to calm down the shifting energies (Help blend is a great all round settler of energy) and keep going!

Some people just immediately feel calmer, happier or lighter on the blends which is obviously great too. We are all different and so are our energy bodies!

Using The Packs

Some of the packs contain 3 or 4 blends and I recommend taking 1-2 twice daily and then using 1-2 others on an 'as needed' basis. When using multiple flower essence blends a day, you can also use them on an intuitive basis (what you are drawn to at the time) but I don't recommend using more than 3-4 different blends a day as I think it can get a bit overwhelming for the energy body!

Using The Chakra Blends

With the chakra blends, I recommend concentrating on one at a time. So if you get one of the chakra packs, start with the blend that you feel most drawn to at the time and then work your way through them.  Or if you know that a particular area or chakra is blocked then you can also start with that one. 

If you are still unsure of where to start with the chakra balance blends, our root chakra is a good place to start. So, start with root chakra Grounding blend and work your way up to the crown chakra blend, Spirit.

You can still use any of our other flower essence blends along with the chakra blends as well, just don't go past 3-4 different blends in a day as previously stated.

Using The Mists

Our beautiful flower essence mists are to be used around you and your space as a layering effect of the vibrational shifts. They are wonderful to spray around your body and head (just not directly in your face!) and for all the rooms you'd like to feel different in. Cars, homes, holiday stays and hotels, classrooms, offices, clinics, stores....everywhere you'd like to spread the good vibes and create a shift in how people feel!

Many people ask us if they should use a blend or a mist and I always say both but for the more stronger effect, I would choose the blend. But it's such a great tool to change the energy of the environment you are in as well and not to mention makes you and the space you are in smell AMAZING thanks to our bespoke blend of essential oils that are mixed with the flower essence blends.

Each mist has a different blend of oils to suit what you are using that flower essence blend for! You can use these mists as often as you like.


The general rule of thumb is 7 drops, twice daily of each blend. If you have a little child or bub from the ages of 3 -12 months, you might just want to give 2-3 drops which can be increased to 3-4 drops depending on age. Even animals can have the same 7 drop dose and when using in glass of water, water bottle or water bowl, still use 7 drops as your dose. 

Food and Brushing Teeth

Try and take your flower essences 10 minutes either side of eating or drinking anything other than water and brushing your teeth. These things may effect how the essences are absorbed by the body.


The Naughty Naturopath Mum Flower Essence blends are made here at NNM HQ in Brisbane. I buy the individual essences (over 160 different ones!) from stockists based in Sydney and Perth.

The flower essence stock is put into a carrier liquid (distilled water) and then we add a preservative to keep the water from growing any bacteria. Most flower essence blends use brandy as the preservative but I use a pharmaceutical grade organic ethanol.

This is to have a much milder taste so it's more palatable for children and also because it's very non-reactive for anyone with intolerances. I use a lot less ethanol content than most herbal or homeopathic preparations so my blends have a shorter shelf life of only 12 months.

The essences remain effective for around 10 years but due to the minimal amount of preservative used, the carrier (water) only has about 12 months. This means we make blends in small batches every week so my customers blends are generally made the same week they receive them!

It allows them to be safer for young children to take with the 7 drop dosage only containing 0.02ml of ethanol which is barely measurable! All the ingredients and listing of which flower essences are in each blend is on the website product descriptions under the 'additional information' tab.

Our mist ingredients differ a little as we also add pure essential oils for an added therapeutic quality when spraying around you and your spaces. This is why they are not recommended for internal use and they also contain a much higher amount of the ethanol than our blends do for effective mixing of the essential oils and the carrier liquid (water). 


The low amount of preservative also means that it's best to store them in cooler spots in your house to be able to have them for a whole 12 months (most bottles are used up well before that though!)

So it's best to keep your flower essence blends out of any direct sunlight under the recommended 25 degrees and if the weather gets really warm where you live, best to keep them in the fridge on really hot days.

These storage conditions only apply once the bottle has been opened simply because the dropper comes into contact with bacteria in the air or in the mouth. So if using straight in the mouth or under the tongue, try not to let the the tip of the dropper touch the mouth anywhere.

If your parcel has arrived and has been out in the sun or in the heat of a letterbox all day before you get home, that is totally fine as the bottle hasn't been opened and so not exposed to anything yet!

Choosing Blends for Physical Symptoms

I am often asked which blend I would recommend for allergies, colds and immunity, hayfever, headaches etc and my answer is always the same. Choose the blend based on the current feelings, behaviours or emotional needs.

Because we aren't directly treating any physical symptoms with the flower essences the right blends will differ for each person. By treating the emotions and energies for the individual, the energy body will start to heal and balance which then leads to more balance and healing in the physical body.

So if you want to increase immunity for example, look at blends that might help downgrade stress (like Help and Slow Down) which in turn will help with the immune system.

All of my flower essence blends have a detailed description on what it can help with to help you determine which ones might be best for you or your child.

Everything starts to feel better and get better when we start to create more emotional balance in the body. That's why I like to call my flower essence blends and mists - 'Balance in A Bottle!' 

Whatever blends or mists you try, know that you can't do any damage or make anything worse for you or your child. The beauty of these blends is that the worst they can do is just shift some energy that doesn't actually create any noticeable changes which means that we didn't really hit on the right blend for your energy body!

One of the first things that any health practitioner learns is the Hippocratic Oath -'First Do No Harm' and in my time as a health practitioner, nothing in the supplement world comes as close to this ethos as flower essences do.

If you are already using flower essence remedies, I hope you have gotten something out of this blog and for anyone wanting to give them a go and wondering where to start, I have created a Beginners Blend pack that contains two of the most commonly used blends - Help and Slow Down.

Yours in health,

Alisha x

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