Easy Veggie Fritters

Naughty Naturopath Dad is quite a good cook and even though he doesn't get to cook as much as he'd like due to the time he gets home at night, on the weekends he loves to get in the kitchen and whip up some of his favourites and also do some experimenting! These fritters were one of his quick creations and even though they are mega simple, I thought I'd share because who doesn't love simple and delicious? Plus veggie fritters can be a snack or eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Chocolate Smoothie/Pudding!

SO this smoothie is to die for (and my kids love it) but it's also awesome left overnight and has become my new favourite breakfast when I do this simply because it reminds me of chocolate yogos that I used to eat as a kid! Remember those? It's just the chia seed content that gives it the 'pudding like' consistency as chia seeds are full of extremely beneficial mucilaginous fibre that absorbs liquid and the longer you leave them, the more they absorb! Full of good fats and very tasty to boot!

My Favourite Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies! Green Smoothies! Who else is sick of Green Smoothies!?

I laugh at myself here a bit because I am actually NOT sick of them. I love them. I just wish they were treated with a bit more reverence. Yes, Green Smoothies and Green Smoothie Bowls are everywhere and they are here to stay. Some I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole but my particular Green Smoothie saves me on many a morning!

Roast Veggie, Bacon and Spinach Frittata

Got some roast veggies to use up or perhaps thinking of roasting some for dinner tonight? Make extra (3-4 cups worth) and make this super easy frittata! It's almost too easy but sometimes we just need easy in our life right?

Warming and Healthiest Best Tea Ever!

It's July! It's chilly (in Australia)! Let's warm up! Is that enough exclamation marks to start a blog!?!

It is so important to acknowledge what your body is needing with each passing season and keeping our bodies on the warm side when it's cold outside is a very healthy practice. There are many other ways than just living in ugg boots and jumpers that we can do this. Warm up from the inside!

Triple C Sauerkraut

We all know by now that looking after your gut means looking after your overall health don't we? Anything you can add into your day that says 'I'm looking after my gut' improves your immunity, mood, digestion and overall balance in your body.

Savoury Paleo Slice

I love experimenting with quick and easy heat-up meals that work for lunch, breakfasts, dinners, snacks and lunchboxes! I am a HUGE fan of the Zucchini slice for this reason and modified my polenta version  (which you can check out HERE) to give me the perfect slice that I can grab when I can't be bothered to cook breakfast or I'm simply short on time.

Why the Bone Broth Frenzy? Plus Bone Broth and Gravy Recipe

I can't believe I'm finally getting around to blogging a bone broth recipe! I have made it for years and years and never took photos but now so many people are jumping on the broth bandwagon (YAY! this makes me very happy!) and so others are asking "What's the go with bone broth?"  or "What's this broth frenzy all about?" and finally, "Alisha, we have searched your site and can't find your broth recipe!" Ooops.

Sunday Morning Pancakes (Grain free!)

It has long been a tradition in my family to have pancakes on a Sunday morning. Since I was a little girl, my dad used to make them for me, he used to make them wafer thin crepe style and we'd roll them up like cigars...ooooh, so good

Homemade Coconut Yoghurt

Homemade Coconut Yoghurt!

The lovely Leah Pepper from Whole Green Pepper sent this recipe in to me and I put it on my facebook page and oh my goodness! What a response!

Chia Puddings!

Chia puddings are the best! So easy to make and so healthy for you. Another magnificent thing about these tasty treats is that they are gluten free and dairy free. Well mine are anyway, but you can certainly use dairy if you wish.

Grain Free Banana Bread

This has been a huge hit in my house since I made it yesterday afternoon and got the approval of hubby (easy) and my 2 toddlers (not so easy!) ..... It's dairy free and grain free so should suit many of you! This is one of my very first blogged recipes and it has been altered over the years to be grain free instead of just gluten free but you can still use any gluten free flour in place of the arrowroot if you don't need it to be grain free.

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