Gut Health

Gut Health - Heal Your Gut with Bodywork

I can't believe this is the last gut health blog! Well it will never be 'the last gut health blog' as by now I hope I have banged you across the head with the message that YOUR GUT HEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH!!

Gut Health - Healing your Gut with DHA and the Bush Flower Essences

Welcome to the second last week of how to heal your gut!

Gut Health - My Top 6 Gut Healing Herbs

Wow, we are up to week 5 of the gut health series!

Gut Health - How to Make Kombucha OR Let's Get our 'Booch' On!


It is an ancient Asiatic beverage which was hugely popular in Australia in the 70's and has resurfaced in a big way recently...I have fun calling it 'booch' and being all hip and saying 'let's get our booch on' (and yes, you may have noticed by now I am a total dag...)

Gut Health - Heal Your Gut (Part II)

Let's get straight into it! Last week we covered the first 2 elements to healing your gut - Probiotics and Bone broth, please click here to read if you missed it.

Gut Health - Heal Your Gut

Ok, this post was going to come later in the series but I have had so many of you message and e-mail me about what to do to start healing the gut that I thought I had better bump this one up to priority publishing!  So we will go back to poor gut health symptoms and disease states after this post but yes, I hear you, let's start repairing!

Gut Health - The Facts

"ALL Diseases begin in the Gut"

- Hippocrates -  Father of Medicine.

This is one of the first things I ever learnt in my naturopathy studies and it has proven itself time and again as the years have rolled on.  That is why I will be devoting many many weeks to this subject and I welcome you to week 1.

How to Make Water Kefir

I am excited that this recipe is brought to you by one of my followers!! Leah runs water kefir workshops in her home town of Bunbury in WA (my old home town!) and also has a FB page that you can check out. We have shared a lot since I became her flower essence practitioner and lucky for me she is happy sharing her recipes.  I hope it shows that we can all become our own 'health practitioner'.

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