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Evolve Flower Essence

Evolve Flower Essence

Transition & Change


Protect Flower Essence

Protect Flower Essence

Resilience & Protection


Teenager Pack

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Teenager Pack

For the Challenging Years

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Fur Baby Duo Pack

Fur Baby Duo Pack

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Natural remedies for you and your family



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The Power of Water

Are you someone that gets their best ideas in the shower? Have you noticed how being near or better yet, getting in, some sort of water can calm you or your kids down almost instantly? What is it about water that changes our energy?I think the key to this is...


Change can be a dirty word for some people, the C word if you will! ;) For me, change definitely isn't easy. It mostly causes me stress. As much as I love change (afterwards), I am uncomfortable as the change approaches (I can always feel it coming) and as it's...

My Top Ten Immune Boosting Tips!

Each of us is different and will have different nutritional and lifestyle needs to keep our own personal immune system functioning at it's absolute best. What I can tell you is that stress will be your biggest immune depressant so anything that can downgrade this, will help your immunity.  We can do...

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