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Some of these tips might be things you are already doing which is fantastic but I hope you can add more healthy habits to your day. I've broken the health tips down into areas of our mind and body that need lots of care.

Taking Your Power Back

When we feel a negative emotion in regards to someone or some thing, we might not even know that this very emotion is to do with feeling powerless. It's easy to see in hindsight that we were not standing in our power but during that actual time we might not know that it's actually happening. This causes all sorts of unrest within us and because of this, our decisions aren't coming from a wise place.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Flower Essence Blends

Every day I am blown away by the amount of people's success stories from using flower essence blends. Whether it's about themselves or their children, every time I hear positive changes in how people are feeling and how they are now viewing their life and their current circumstances, is a massive win. Because that is my biggest aim with this business, to help people and their families just feel better within themselves. And often that just takes an emotional or 'energy' shift which is exactly what these clever little flower essences can do!

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