Chakra Balance Blends

Each person has their own personal energy system that can be divided into 7 sections (or chakras). In a healthy body each of the chakras is fully balanced and operational, adding it’s own individual strengths to the whole system. When we experience imbalances and the resulting discomfort or dis-ease, we can be sure that one of our chakras (or energy centres) is not functioning as well as it should be.

I have formulated each of these flower essence blends to work with the vibrations of each particular Chakra; bringing you more harmony, balance and peace to your energetic, emotional and physical bodies.

You can take more than one blend at a time if needed. If you’re starting out and unsure of which one to take first, I would recommend starting with the Grounding Blend, for the Root Chakra, and moving up the Chakra System from there. However, you may be drawn to a particular blend first depending on your physical and emotional needs at this point in time.

I have made available a beautifully packaged set of all seven blends, at a discounted price, for those who want to work through each chakra in turn or want to have the range available on hand for imbalances as they arise. This pack is perfect if you would like to intuitively pick a different blend each day depending on how you are feeling.

Please click on the individual products to read about the characteristics and benefits of each particular Chakra Blend.

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