Too Easy Chicken Curry


January 14, 2015

I call this dish 'Too Easy Chicken Curry' because the easy peasy factor of this recipe is almost funny.

But that won't cost you taste... it's extremely tasty! And the fact that it is sugar free, dairy free and gluten free, you will definitely want to choose this recipe every time you feel like a chicken curry.

It's paleo and whole30 approved for those of you that care about that sort of thing (I do!) and it's also a hit with small people. I deliberately made this a mild curry so my whole family can eat it (toddler household) but you can certainly add your preferred chilli quantity if you wish!

So as I said, this meal is frightfully easy to make and one that can be sitting there waiting for you when dinner time approaches and you will be so thankful that it is! So yes, grab yourself a slow cooker (I use slow cooker method) or a nice big pot with a lid that can sit on the stove for a few hours. With curry, the longer cooked, the better in my opinion as the flavour will have more depth.

So you pretty much assemble your ingredients, throw them all in and wait....that's basically it but below I will write it out with slightly more finesse...



6 chicken legs (use drumsticks or thighs with bone in, skin on or off)
1/4 jap pumpkin (largely diced)
2 carrots (cut into thick circles)
1 brown onion (largely diced)
1 zucchini (cut into thick circles)
1.5 cups of coconut cream (I use Spiral brand)
1/4 cup of coconut aminos (can be replaced with tamari)
1 thumb sized piece of turmeric
1 thumb sized piece of ginger
1 tspn of coriander powder
1 tspn of cumin powder
1 dessertspoon of arrowroot powder


What you do -

With your slow cooker on low or your pot over a low heat, grate in your ginger and turmeric. I keep mine in the freezer and it grates so easily when frozen, use a microplane or fine grater, also add in your coriander and cumin.

Throw in your onion, raw chicken, carrots and pumpkin (hold back your zucchini!)

Add in your coconut cream (you may wish to add more liquid if using the stove top method but as long as everything stays covered, you will be ok, top up if need be though) and coconut aminos

Stir and make sure liquid is just covering all ingredients, top with a little more coconut cream if needed.

Pop lid on and forget for about 6 hours (longer is fine! Mine was on for at least 8 hours all up)

An hour before you want to eat it, add your zucchini and arrowroot powder and stir through again.

Now the pumpkin which acts as our sweetener will no longer be visible as chunks but will have added to the sauce or liquid part of the curry and the arrowroot further thickens it up so it's a lovely dish to eat in a bowl on it's own or on top of some cauliflower rice* or rice

If you prefer a 'soupier' style curry, just leave out the arrowroot.

All the meat will have fallen off the bones so make sure you fish them out before serving.

Top with some fresh coriander leaves.

*To make cauliflower rice, simply cut up 1/2 a large head of cauliflower and add all of it (florets and stalks) to a food processor or high powered blender and pulse until you have the consistency of 'rice' then pan fry it in 2 tblsps of coconut oil with salt to taste for about 5 minutes or until cooked through.

So that's it! Enjoy the taste and the easy peasyness of this dish.

Please report back if you give it a go and share on instagram by tagging @_naughty_naturopath_mum so I can see what you've all been up to!


Yours in health,



6 Responses


January 22, 2015

So glad you liked it Taniele and glad the substitutions worked well! :)


January 15, 2015

Let me know if you do Tracey! x


January 22, 2015

Oh my! This was definitely the easiest curry I’ve ever made! I had to make a few adjustments here and there – minced ginger from and jar and turmeric powder in lieu of the fresh stuff, and I forgot the aminos until the last hour, but it is very yummy! My 2 year old was asking me for a bowl as soon as he could smell it cooking! YUM, thanks Alisha.


January 15, 2015

Sounds great! Can I sub the coconut aminos/tamari for something else? My kids react to tamari… Thanks :)


January 15, 2015

I would really try and get hold of the coconut aminos (available from healthfood stores and online) if your kids react to tamari as it is the perfect soy sauce alternative. Other than that you could try leaving it out altogether which will affect the taste a little…maybe add a good pinch of salt in there!

Tracey Rose
Tracey Rose

January 15, 2015

All I can say is YUM YUM YUM! Can’t wait to make this one :)

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