Why Do I Take Them Twice a Day and Is There a Best Time to Take Them?

The reason I advise to take your blends at least twice daily is to keep those frequencies topped up in the body. They still have an affect if taken just the once, or even when needed, but when really trying to work on certain issues/emotions, the more drops you are taking the better the affect. There is no best time to take your drops but on waking in the morning and again before bedtime are good times, as you can start to form a habit at these times and then be less likely to forget them. And always use the blends on an 'as needed' basis as well. I also recommend taking them away from eating or drinking (other than water) and a 5 minute gap will be fine.

How long does it take for the essences to work?

This is different for everyone. The ready made blends such as the Help Blend and Slow Down Blend can have an immediate effect as well as longer lasting effects. Personal blends can be felt immediately or may take a few days for you to notice changes. Some people notice a difference after a couple of weeks and some notice when the blend has been completed as they feel different once stopping them (which often means a refill is probably needed). The more often you are your blend/s, the greater affect they will have as each time you take them, you are 'topping up' the essences frequency in the body which allows them to have a longer lasting and stronger affect.

How much are they?

The Ready Made Blends start at $19.95. They are a great way to take the remedies for treating issues or problems as they crop up. We now also have a Chakra Balance Blend range, a set of 7 blends at $29.95 each or in a discounted pack, and these are a wonderful way to work on emotions and physical issues related to different parts of your body where each chakra governs. Custom Made blends start at $70 and involve answering a questionnaire after you have placed your order. I recommend these for people who don't see a blend that is right for them or who want to work on very specific issues.

How long have you Been Practicing With The Essences?

They were subjects within my Naturopathy studies which I started in 1997 and I just clicked with them straight away.  I made them an important part of my practice when working in clinic as I never believed in sending my client home with herbs and supplements alone as that would be denying them the most important part of healing - the emotional healing. Now, as a Work at Home Mum, the essences are something I can offer online and via e-mail through some in-depth questioning and a fair bit of knowledge and practice in this arena.  Along with food as medicine, they have probably been the most important modality to me in my studies especially in terms of helping people reach major breakthroughs with their health.

How long would you take them for? For example - 'I've finished a couple of bottles and feeling pretty good – do I stop taking them now and see how I feel or do I need to stay on them?

You know you do not need to continue a particular blend when you notice no difference upon stopping them (you still feel the same when not on the blend).  This means the essences have done their job for now. I think it is a good way to test if your blend is actually doing something for you as most people notice a big difference when they go off their blend and in which case, I recommend going back on them as they are obviously still working for you at this time.

How Much Do I take and How Often?

The dose is generally 7 drops morning and night until the bottle is gone. Best taken on rising and just before bed. They can also be taken as often as needed during the day or night. They can even be used in a glass of water throughout the day and the dose is still 7 drops when using this way.

What's the Difference between the Sweet Dreams and Slow Down blends?

Slow Down blend is primarily for feelings of agitation, scattered thoughts and behaviour, feeling stressed, impatient and not being able to slow down racing thoughts. Sweet Dreams is primarily for relaxing the mind, helping to switch off and increase the chance of a deeper rest. Both can be used for similar outcomes and even used in conjunction. You may find that one works better for you than the other as they have different flower essences in each.

What Can They Help With?

There are so many things the Flower Essence remedies can help with. Basically anything negative that is going on for you or your child right now, is a build up of stagnant energy that we can shift and move through for you. This is often due to emotions that were not properly been expressed at the time due to not knowing how or not having enough time to process something. Think of all the things that you have experienced in a lifetime... so please get in touch either through private message via my facebook page or e-mail me at alisha@naughtynaturopathmum.com.au if you are still wondering what blends to choose or whether you need a custom made blend made up.

How do they work?

They work because we are adding a new frequency to the body which creates a gentle and subtle shift in the body's own energy field that can then cascade into quite large and dramatic changes.  It sometimes only takes a gentle nudge to create the process of change. Humans, animals and absolutely everything on this earth is just made up of energy molecules and we can redirect our energy through exercise, meditation, relaxation and by adding different energy to our systems via these flower essence remedies. Emotions are just energy in motion: E-motion.

How are they prescribed and can I take more than one blend at a time?

They can be recommended by looking at emotional issues and/or physical issues. You might be drawn to a particular blend at this stage and then later on feel the need for another one depending on what is going on in your life at the time and what is coming up for you. If you are unsure of what to choose or need more specific help, then I recommend a custom made blend which involves answering an in-depth questionnaire so we can work on your specific needs and wants. You can definitely take more than one blend at a time and I suggest choosing the blend that you are needing most right now (this could be your custom blend or a ready made blend that is most accurate for you at this time) and take that blend morning and night. You can also take other ready made blends throughout the night or day on an 'as needed' basis. For example, if feeling upset, you can take Help blend as needed or if noticing negative self talk, take the Self Love blend etc.

How long will it take to get my order?

Generally around 2-4 working days depending on stock availability.  It can take a little longer for regional areas and there is also the option of express post. For Custom made blends, once I receive your answers, I formulate the blend within 1-3 working days.

How does the bulk discount work?

A discount is available on Ready Made Blends and Chakra Blends when you purchase 3 or more of any items. You might choose to make your own pack up, or if you get some skin care and and some ready made blends you also save! You don't need to do anything different or special, it will automatically apply the correct discount as you add items to the shopping cart! For any 3 items in the shopping cart you receive 5% off Ready Made and Chakra Blends. For any 4 items in the shopping cart you receive 10% off Ready Made and Chakra Blends. For 5+ items in the shopping cart you receive 15% off Ready Made and Chakra Blends. So the more you shop the more you save!!

Are they Essential Oils?

No. The flower essence remedies are very different to essential oils and have no fragrance whatsoever. Essential oils are the extracted oil of the flower whereas flower essences are the vibrational imprint of the whole flower captured in water and then preserved with a small amount of alcohol. They have no smell and very little taste and are more similar to a homeopathic remedy which are also known as energy or vibrational remedies.

Are they safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or for children?

This is a personal choice, I have used them through pregnancy and breastfeeding and given them to my children since they were babies. The alcohol content is minute, approximately 0.025ml per 7 drop dose. Should you have any concerns please consult a medical professional.

Why do they contain ethanol?

The ethanol is just used as the preservative and it's used in a very minimal amount. All flower essences, herbal and homeopathic preparations contain a form of alcohol as their preservative and I have chosen ethanol for mine as it is less reactive (ie. no gluten) and milder in taste (most essences use brandy which has a strong taste). It is the safest and purest way to preserve the flower essence. Should you have any questions about the effects of minute amounts of alcohol in your given situation please consult a medical professional. Likewise if you have any concerns about taking them in addition to prescription medicine also speak to your doctor.

What are Flower Essences?

They are vibrational natural remedies that create subtle but very powerful shifts within the body. Flower Essences have been used for thousands of years in some cultures and were made popular in Western Medicine by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's (you may already know of Bach flower remedies or the Bach Rescue Remedy which are based on the English native flowers). I use different blends of Australian Bush Flower essences as I believe they have a stronger frequency and work better in stronger personalities and constitutions.  Nowadays, flower essences are used by naturopaths, acupuncturists, energy healers, kinesiologists, homeopaths, paramedics and by some mental health practitioners. In a nutshell, the essences target the nervous system and provide energetic release of stored issues that may be blocking you from achieving emotional and physical balance. The body is always trying to reach a state of balance but due to living life with all it’s stresses and busyness, we sometimes carry the road blocks that prevent us from getting where we want to go. Once the emotion or memory has been released from the subconscious, the physical issue that came about from this emotion has the freedom to go back into balance.
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