Flower Essence and Star Sign Guide for 2022

Yay, it's time for my most popular blog of the year!  2022 is now the 5th year where I have collaborated with renowned astrologist, Jenny Blumeto give you the astrological forecast for the year as well as which flower essences will serve you best in 2022. 

As well as being an astrologist, Jenny is a Feng Shui and Clearing practitioner and if you have heard of her name before, she is also the astrologist for Woman's Day and New Idea magazines. I love working with Jenny to work out what energetic support each star sign might need for the coming year and with all that can unfold in a year for ourselves and our kids, having some energetic support on hand to navigate our emotions can be pretty handy don't you think? 

The Star Sign and Flower Essence Guide for 2022!

Please note that other flower essence blends might feel more suited to you than the ones I have included for your star sign so just use whatever you think is right for you. These ones below that I have matched to your 2022 forecast are aimed to help with what the year has in store for you both energetically and emotionally. You can click on the blend name to read more about what it can do for you and if you get three or more blends you will benefit from my pack discount too. 😊

Capricorn December 23 – January 20

You’re turning into a mover and shaker. Whether it’s on the family front, in the office, or within the wider community, your actions will ripple out. With Pluto and Mars powering up that determined streak, you might even launch a business or champion a cause that’s caught your heart. If you’ve always dreamed of teaching or helping others, these proactive stars could make it happen.


All for one and one for all! Your community-minded spirit should attract like-minded people through autumn, and for singles, romantic sparks might fly. Those confidence levels may be climbing, but tone down that assertive streak, particularly at home, or noses will be put out of joint.


Disciplines like Pilates might grab your attention (strengthening your core could avert future problems), along with hypnosis or meditation. Spring could bring a health overhaul, leaving you in better health for summer.

Star Tip

Your greatest pleasure will come from helping others.

Flower Essence Blends for Capricorn

Like A Boss for all that moving and shaking this year!
Grounding will help you feel grounded as your energy ripples out to help others
Focus to help with any business launch or championing those heartfelt causes

Aquarius January 21 – February 19

Trying to hold back time? With Saturn lighting up your centre stage, going with the flow might be an easier, more productive option. Comings and goings, both at home and at work, could increase through autumn, and by winter, a move or renovation could mark the end of an era. On the upside, as your self-discipline ramps up, you could hit some impressive health and fitness goals. Go you!


If you’ve turned into a worry-wart, schedule in some fun. Concerts, comedy nights, games days … and that’s just for starters. Local clubs or projects might keep you busy through autumn, while spring could propel you into a dynamic new pastime – or a passion-filled romance.


Schedule more ‘you time’, and recharge those batteries. Holidays could lead to lightbulb moments that prompt important changes - and without a balanced lifestyle, outside pressures will take a toll. A blossoming interest in natural therapies might turn you into a home herbalist.

Star Tip

Make top quality relaxation a priority this year.

Flower Essence Blends for Aquarius 

Let it Go to help you let go of some of that worry-wart thinking and controlling
Self Love to turn attention inwards to schedule more 'you time'
Peace it's time to allow yourself to be in the 'flow'

Pisces February 20 – March 20

Under Jupiter’s optimistic rays, spreading your wings should feel natural this year! Some Pisceans may rekindle a long-lost passion, while other will explore new locations or lifestyles. Creative or spiritual types may prove magnetic, and through autumn, a shared interest could forge instant links. And fortuitously, it’s not just your confidence that’s on the rise, but your bank balance too.


The action's heating up, and for singles, a world of new possibilities is being unveiled. As your interests expand, you'll see people – and situations - through different eyes. Old friendships may fade, but after the May 1 eclipse, inspirational souls will appear. Don’t let nostalgia hold you back.


Ready to get experimental? New therapies, practitioners and fitness regimes are on the cards, along with a late-summer diet or makeover. Spring's insightful stars could solve a medical mystery, either for yourself or loved one, when an underlying cause or allergy becomes apparent.

Star Tip

As fears fall away, a long-held dream will move closer.

Flower Essence Blends for Pisces

Cleanse time to shift old emotions that may be affecting your health
Mojo long lost passions, here you come!
Courage to help you try new things and get experimental!

Aries March 21 - April 20

What a learning curve you’re on! With your wealth of experience, pursuing your deeper interests should pay dividends, not just financially, but career-wise and spiritually as well. As your community-minded side grows stronger, local projects and issues could become an obsession; older Rams might even step into a teaching role. Finetune your ideas through spring, then plunge on in.


You’ve got so much to give, not just as a lover, but as a parent, friend, coach and mentor. Like-minded people will be drawn towards your caring, compassionate nature – and for singles, a mutual interest could lead to romance. Don’t let appearances or age differences put you off.


Your spiritual search is intensifying, but so too is your need for fun and connection. Team sports and group pursuits should prove satisfying in many ways – and as that old competitive streak emerges, you could find yourself mixing with a more active, motivated crowd.

Star Tip

If you’ve taken on too much, opt for quality over quantity.

Flower Essence Blends for Aries

Like A Boss for plunging in and putting all those ideas into action!
Spirit to support you on your spiritual search
Focus to keep you focused on your side projects and passions

Taurus April 21 - May 21

Ready to launch into your next chapter? With two eclipses impacting your sign, fresh starts await, not just at work, but on the home and family fronts. Winter’s restless stars might even prompt a relocation, either for yourself or a loved one. Living your best life may not come cheap, particularly if retraining is required, but thanks to Saturn, you’ll be brimming over with clever, workable ideas.


After a stressful year, music, friends and cultural events should reignite your sparkle. Neptune will be weaving a magical spell, not just for singles, but for long-term couples. Shared getaways might feature through autumn, while the October 25 eclipse could boost your romance quota.


Ready to reinvent yourself? The May 1 eclipse could prompt an overhaul – of your body, mind and spirit. Chilled out pursuits like yoga and meditation should resonate beautifully; you might even teach or inspire others. As you pursue your interests, staying healthy should come naturally.

Star Tip

The more you give, the more you will get in return.

Flower Essence Blends for Taurus

Manifest to attract what you need for living your best life
Self Love boosting your romance starts with boosting your self confidence
Intuition to support those decisions that need to be made for your next chapter

Gemini May 22 – June 22

As Jupiter climbs to your chart's pinnacle, promotions and prizes will be up for grabs; you might even step into a bigger role or venture further afield. With Mars hanging out in your sign for five months (from August), you’ll have energy to burn – the trick is to channel it wisely. Steps taken now could change your life, so don’t settle for second best. You only live once, as they say.


Autumn’s social stars will bring fun new friendships, while for singles, a shared interest could lead to love; you might even meet through your work or sporting group. For couples, a change of scenery might rekindle that cheeky, fun-loving streak, so start planning your next holiday.


With Jupiter lighting up your social sphere from autumn, team sports, group walks or dancing should be loads of fun. The May16 eclipse could prompt a full-scale overhaul, not just on the heath and dietary fronts, but looks-wise too. By spring, we might see a whole new you!

Star Tip

Opportunity is knocking this year, so answer that door.

Flower Essence Blends for Gemini

Slow Down You have a lot going on so this will help you keep some balance
Courage To support you as you step into bigger roles or venture further afield
Like A Boss Because you need to know you have totally got this!

Cancer June 22 - July 23

Worrying about the future? By next summer, your life might look very different. Downsizing could take the pressure off, or finding that perfect work-life balance may be your mission. Winter will be brimming over with opportunities, particularly for career-oriented Crabs. The hard part might be deciding what you really want … security, success, health, happiness. It’s all about priorities!  


Big topics could arise for couples, but February’s social sky could prove a welcome distraction. By May your friendship sector will pumping, and yes, there could be romance. Creative types could make an impression, while on the family front, a beautiful child or pet might set you swooning.


Standby for breakthroughs! Autumn’s proactive sky might prompt a health overhaul, while Venus could point you towards classes or counselling sessions that exceed expectations; you might even conquer a long-held fear. Habits formed under these determined stars should stick.

Star Tip

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Flower Essence Blends for Cancer 

Let it Go To help you let go of the worries and what you no longer need
Cravings Control To support your health overhaul and conquer any bad habits
Grounding Feel supported and grounded as you let go of long-held fears

Leo July 24 – August 23

With your energy and vision powering up, dreams are moving closer. Canny Lions might even launch a business or start investing. Saturn could reveal a few cracks for couples, but talks through winter could lead to breakthroughs. Moneywise, expect twists and turns as your fortunes change with the lunar cycles. Your generosity is legendary, but think twice before promising the world.


Couples, if you’ve been weathering storms, February could bring a welcome burst of sunshine, while on the social scene, Venus may attract you to a feel-good group. Heart-to-hearts are on the winter agenda, and as things turn serious, some lovebirds may move in together - or get married!


If good health is a priority, the January 3 new moon should act like rocket fuel. Keeping it fun is the key, so for best results join forces with friends. Tennis, Zumba, walking, it’s all good. As a spin-off, an underlying interest in fitness or nutrition could develop into a lifelong passion.    

Star Tip

Fortune favours the brave, could become your motto.

Flower Essence Blends for Leo

Intuition to navigate those twists and turns
Energy to support you on your fitness journey and your powering up!
Focus to help you with any business and investment opportunities

Virgo August 24 – September 23

External pressures may be growing, but for most couples, 2022 should bring a renewed sense of love and solidarity. Attractions this year may be instant, and surprisingly physical too, so if you’re looking for romance, ditch the chatrooms and start circulating. As summer winds down, grab a backpack and soak up some fresh air, or better still, hit the road and satisfy that nagging restless streak.


Couples may rekindle old passions this year, while for singles, a budding romance could sweep you off your feet. Easter’s emotional moon could send you on a sentimental journey, and as Jupiter awakens that social streak, a shared project could demonstrate the power of teamwork.


What a proactive person you can be! An autumn health-kick could wind back the years, and as your mojo returns, you’ll be hungry for more. For some, a blossoming interest in yoga or alternative therapies could lead to big things. If you’ve missed your calling, don’t live with regrets.

Star Tip

Knowledge is power, so embrace your inner academic.

Flower Essence Blends for Virgo

Mojo for your rekindling passions and putting yourself out there!
Truth to help you speak your truth in teamwork and with your partner
Let it Go to help you move on from any regrets

Libra September 24 – October 23

You may be working hard, but this year, you’ll play hard too. Fated new friendships are on the horizon, and as your social circle expands, singles will be spoiled for choice (look out for fellow romantics, particularly in winter). If the future looks hazy, plans should firm up this year, not just financially, but on the work and family fronts too. With opportunities swirling, keep that resume handy.


Pull out your party dresses! Summer holidays and outdoor events should be fun, while March's social stars might bring weddings, parties, reunions ... even a whole new crowd. Singles, don't be surprised if your romantic tastes are changing; business-minded types might prove irresistible.


Stress can play havoc with health, so make exercise, relaxation and good food and a priority. After the March 3 new moon, the whole family should reap rewards. Autumn could bring health or image overhauls - cosmetic procedures, mini-makeovers or total transformations. 

Star Tip

Efforts put in now should pay off down the track.

Flower Essence Blends for Libra

Focus to support you on that busy work front
Slow Down to help keep the balance and stress levels down
Sweet Dreams you are going to need your sleep more than ever this year!

Scorpio October 24 – November 22

What's it all about? As Saturn stimulates your deeper recesses, personal or professional goals could come under review or a yearning for self-expression will grow. With Jupiter unlocking your creative spirit, it’s time to bring more fun, music and laughter into your sphere. Children or pets could put things back into perspective, and as a spin-off, you’ll rediscover that joyous, light-hearted side.


Your social life is shifting into top gear, but if there’s trouble in paradise, the May eclipses could prompt some overdue changes. Shared pastimes like dancing or cooking might help couples to reconnect, while for singles, sporting or cultural events could set the scene for romance.


Fitness and fun are merging, and that's great news. As Jupiter increases the pace from May, classes and team pursuits may appeal, while for couples, a shared interest could send you back in time. With two eclipses in your sign, 2022 might prove to be a transformational year.

Star Tip

Combining work with play is your key to happiness.

Flower Essence Blends for Scorpio

Bliss because it's time to put the bliss and joy back into your every day
Energy to help you keep up with your fun times and fitness regime!
Self Love keep putting the love back into you when you explore your love for others

Sagittarius November 23 – December 22

It's all about making improvements this year - to your home, health and quality of life. Creative or wellness worlds could capture your attention, and as your knowledge expands, like-minded people will appear. Mars could highlight underlying issues for couples through spring, but talks should feel constructive. You're not just reinventing yourself this year, but transforming your relationships too.


Summer might vanish in a blur of reunions and getaways, while autumn’s magical patterns could conjure up romance. For couples, a shared vision (or a new home!) might reignite that old sense of teamwork, while on the dating scene, winter could whip up a flurry of fun and activity.


Activities that encourage symmetry, like Pilates, yoga or swimming, could iron out a few creases, and best of all, they’ll calm that busy brain. As Jupiter powers up your positive thinking in winter, your health should improve in leaps and bounds. It’s all in the mind, as they say.

Star Tip

Don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Flower Essence Blends for Sagittarius

Truth to support you in constructive talks and transforming relationships
Slow Down to help calm that busy brain of yours
Cleanse to support your emotions as your health improves


Thanks so much again to Jenny Blume who provided us with the insight to our star signs for this year which helped me pick the flower essence blends that will best support you in 2022. If you'd like further info about Jenny and what she does, please check out jennyblume.com.au

Want any of the flower essence blends I've mentioned?  You will get an automatic discount when ordering three or more blends! Please see the discount details and find all the flower essence blend descriptions here.

Hope you all have an amazing year filled with health, fun, love and (easy) lessons,

Alisha x

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