Chicken Soup for the Soul

This is a very easy chicken soup to make that is filled with all the good stuff to fight off colds, heal a cold and generally keep you warm and satisfied on a cold night.  

I call it my "Chicken Soup for the Soul" as I always feel at peace after a nice big bowl and like I've been hugged from the inside. 😉

It is a great soup to have on stand by frozen in the freezer to pull out when someone in the house is feeling unwell or you just feel like that soothing and nourishing dinner that only a good soup will give you!

The combination of the chicken stock, garlic, ginger and onions all help combat viruses that cause head cold symptoms and can even disperse symptoms once a cold has taken hold.

The high protein content enables the body to feel strong and repair any damaged tissue.

The spring onions added at the end, in Chinese Medicine principles,  help disperse the energies of wind/cold and can even induce a sweat to rid the body of a virus.

You can use chicken broth in place of making a stock if you have some already made, the stock in this recipe is a nice quick version. It won't have high glutamine content like longer cooked broth will but it is still extremely nutritious.


1 whole free range/organic chook or some chicken thighs/breasts (up to you!)
Vegetables that need to be used up or veggie scraps for making stock 
2 cobs of corn
1 carrot
2 onions (1 cut into large chunks for the stock and one finely diced for the soup)
6 cloves of garlic
3 'thumbs' of ginger
4 rashers of free range/organic bacon (diced)
1 bunch of spring onions
2 bay leaves
1 tblspn coconut oil
salt and pepper to taste
apple cider vinegar


Roast your chook. This can be done a day or 2 beforehand if it's easier and stored in fridge. I always like having a roast chook on hand for easy snacks, lunches etc.

Or you can poach chicken breasts or thighs in the soup as it's cooking. When the chicken is cooked (however you decide to cook it!) shred the flesh into pieces with your fingers and put back into the soup at the end.

If you used a roast chook, pop the stripped chicken carcass (whole) into a pot with bay leaves, veggie scraps or veggies that need to be used up, cut into biggish pieces, a diced onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 thumb of ginger that you have peeled and cut into fine slices, a generous pinch of salt and pepper, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and cover the chook with enough water so there is at least 2 inches of water above the carcass.

Bring to the boil and then pop it on a high simmer for at least an hour. If you aren't using a whole chook, use a couple of litres of chicken stock here instead and simmer away with some veggies to get even more nutrients into that stock.

When the stock is done, strain the liquid that is left into another pot or bowl and set aside.

In the large pot that you cooked your stock add the coconut oil, bacon and the other onion that you have finely diced and fry until nice and brown and smelling beautiful.

Add your stock, cooked chicken, finely diced carrot, corn that you have cut off the cobs and cook for a further 20 minutes. 

Crush 4 cloves of garlic into the pot and then using a microplane or a fine grater, grate the other 2 thumbs of ginger into the pot. Stir for another 5 minutes and watch the chicken break up even further.

Finally just before serving, add the spring onions that you have cut up.  Use nearly the whole length of them just leaving the very dark green ends so you have white and green in your pot.

Serve in a nice big bowl and have some grain free or gluten free toast to accompany if you wish!


Yours In Health,

Alisha x

Ps. If you would love to cook this meal but have a picky eater in your household and dread the nose being turned up at all this nutrition, please check out my Fussy Eaters blend HERE

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