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Fussy Eaters Flower Essence

Open & Willing

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"Courage is facing the unknown and embracing the changes it will bring."

This flower essence blend can be used morning and night and/or before mealtimes when experimenting with new foods. For children who reject new food without trying.

Contains essences for opening children up to new experiences, improved digestion by calming the mind, assists with overwhelm and worry as sometimes children will take on the worry of their parents who are concerned about them not eating the foods put in front of them. *Keep in mind, if a child constantly rejects a food after it has been tasted, they may be acting on their bodies intuition that they can not tolerate this particular food at this time.

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Best Used For 

Emotional State: Fussy, Fearful, Distracted, Close minded

Positive Outcomes: Open-minded, Reassurance, Mindful, Less resistant

How to take

Dosage for ages 2 and up is 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Blue China Orchid, Dampiera, Pincushion Hakea, Golden Waitsia, Star of Bethlehem, White Eremophila, Yellow Leschenaultia, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Sonya Graham
Feeling positive

Just got my Fussy Eaters blend for Miss Fussy Three and have been encouraged by the blurbs and feedback. Started them today anf she is very excited to be taking these magiv drops from the Food Fairy

Wonderful Sonya - we look forward to hearing how you go x

eating disorder concerns

My daughter is 11 and feeling very body conscious, like all of her friends. She started saying she wasn't hungry and filling up on ice... I was very worried and considered taking her to a phsychologist, to head off an eating disorder. I thought I'd try one last thing...I started using 'Fussy eaters' in her water, she knew nothing about it. After using it once, she started asking for food ! She is now eating properly again ! I use it and the teenager blend regularly. Thank you for this amazing product !

Hi Gail, thank you for your feedback on how Fussy Eaters has supported your daughter. It's wonderful that our blend has been able to calm her overwhelm and worry around food too, we appreciate you taking the time to review this blend. xx

Sarah Avramidis
Fussy eaters have now met their match..

Cereal? *shakes head* Toast *Shakes head* Pasta.. you guessed it, *Shakes head*.

We were at our wits end with our toddler who just loveeeeed-to-hate eating. And rest assured, we were doing absolutely everything in the books to get this kid to take a bite of her dinner in the evening. No matter how hard I cooked, how much love I poured into each meal, it just didn't matter... that was until I met the "Fussy Eaters" blend, crafted by the lovely expert (and might I add, Fairy Foodmother), Alisha. We started off small with half a dose 10 mins before each meal, and a few days in, instead of dealing with a toddler who turned her head in disgust at the sight of a meal, she was calm, collected and started taking bites of foods that I've never seen before. It was like her approach to foods had changed, slowly but surely.. we continued our dosage each day, and she just kept getting better.

Please know though, that toddlers will be toddlers, and sometimes they just don't want food, but this little miracle worker has helped calmed my daughter down enough, so she at least tries the food in front of her, rather than pushing it all away every single time.

Thank you SO much Alisha for creating this magical liquid gold - we'll be forever grateful.

One happy mum and toddler.

Hi Sarah, wow, what a review! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience in such fine words. We love that Fussy Eaters has allowed your little one to be more open to trying new foods, what a relief that must feel at times. Keep us posted with your daughter's progress. xx

Just amazing!

Just after a couple of days my super fussy kiddos a) didn’t freak out and complain when I gave them a little bit of curry sauce on their rice b) they also tried it and liked it! And ate the chicken and dipped some salad into the sauce…if you know my plain Jane eaters you’d know this was JUST AMAZING!!!

Hi Naomi, what a win! Love this review so much. We can imagine this felt so wonderful and freeing for you - Fussy Eaters for the win. Looking forward to hearing more success stories with new dishes on the menu. xx

Fussy Eaters

I got this for my 3yr old grandson who just was not interested in eating & after a few days OMG he is eating.Maybe not a lot just yet but what a improvement.Would recommend this product.Thank you.💕

Thank you for giving the blend a go, Vicki. So happy to hear you're starting to see some changes! xx

Had to give that a try and OMG

Hi Alisha,
I have a 5 yro and I have been struggling with his eating for few years now, nothing I tried seemed to work! I didnt have much faith in the fussy eater drops but had to give that a try and OMG I still can not believe how much more my son has been eating and has also tried a few new things ! Forever grateful this has changed both of our moods most days as he is full and happier and Im not constantly stressing over him being hungry or eating crappy frozen or out of packet food.


Such cool drops. My little 4 year old is slowly starting to try new things 🙏 we are only a week in also. She doesn’t taste these drops in her water at all also

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