Taking Your Power Back

My lessons have been coming in thick and fast lately (anyone else!?) and I feel that it's a good idea to share what I learn as I go along. A lesson learnt and shared makes much more sense to me than it just being a hard bump in the road don't you think?

And I know we are all on our own journeys with our own lessons but I also know that we are a bit more isolated from each other than we used to be. We aren't sitting around a fire at night sharing what we have learnt with our neighbours and friends. We keep trudging on and holding things within us, hoping that someone will notice we aren't exactly ok and maybe ask how we are? Maybe then we will begin to talk and and only then we will see what we have been taught more clearly.

I'm lucky that I'm not good at keeping things inside (like at all!) and I start to understand my lessons swiftly because I tell everyone around me what has happened and it's then that I start to make sense of it all. So I hope that someone reading this blog will start to talk about what's happened to them and how they are feeling as I know it will then make much more sense to them. 

But I digress...


So my recent lesson has been about my personal power.

We can all feel powerless in many situations in life...when we hear or see a humanity crime or a natural disaster strike, when loved ones get sick, when our friends are having relationship problems, when the drought continues to rock our farmers and their families...the list goes on.

But what about the things that are taking away our power because we are letting them?

When we feel a negative emotion in regards to someone or some thing, we might not even know that this very emotion is to do with feeling powerless. It's easy to see in hindsight that we were not standing in our power but during that actual time we might not know that it's actually happening. This causes all sorts of unrest within us and because of this, our decisions aren't coming from a wise place.

Taking your power back from someone or something is incredibly liberating but it can be very hard to do.

It's sad but true, but often times when we are being mistreated, we first look at ourselves as the one with the problem or the issue. We wonder what we are doing wrong or what we need to change in order for things to run smoothly again.

And of course we do need to look at ourselves and our role in it but we also need to recognise that sometimes, we are the ones that are being treated unfairly and we are the ones that need to step up and make the change that feel fairer to us.

It requires speaking up. It requires a shift in our thinking and it requires being brave. 

Sometimes massive changes need to be made to create all this and I get that the appeal to not rock the boat or create more work for ourselves seems easiest, but energetically, it keeps zapping our energy and makes us feel resentful or compromised until the lesson comes back again for the second or maybe the tenth time. And each time that lesson comes at you (because trust me, it will keep coming at you!) it comes back bigger and harder until you finally have to deal with it.

So what I wanted to share from my recent lesson, was to get you to try and identify when this is happening now rather than leaving it so long that the lesson gets bigger and harder to deal with later.

There are many circumstances where we can feel not in our power - it might be a situation with your work or employer...maybe with a friend or acquaintance that is taking advantage of you or just not giving you the energy flow you deserve...it might be with someone at your kids school...I know that you will identify with something in your life feeling uncomfortable or just gives you that niggly feeling when you think of it. 

Signs you are not in your power with a person or a situation:

When you think of the person or the situation, you get an unsettled feeling that you immediately want to distract yourself from

Your lower back might be sore or tense. This is a reflection of the energy in your base chakras being out of balance and not feeling like you are standing in your power

You are constantly making excuses for a person or situation to justify the glitchy energy flow between you and it/them

Your throat might feel constricted when you speak to someone or about something. It's like your body is finding it hard to speak your Truth

What I encourage you to do:

Really sit down with this niggly feeling and identify what it is. 

Ask yourself if you are standing in your power when it comes to dealing with this person or situation.

Realise that the discomfort or niggle you are feeling is actually your higher self asking you to correct something. And it is your body asking you to correct an interrupted energy flow.

Be brave. Speak up. Make the changes you need to. Sort it until it feels better for you because as I said, it will only get bigger as more time passes. 

I know this isn't easy. Trust me. I leave things for as long as I can if it feels hard to deal with but I'm really sick of dealing with things when they become mountain sized. I'm going to sit down with my 'niggles' on a monthly basis and take my own advice and sort it while they are still mole hill size!

If you need help with setting boundaries and taking back your power, then yes I do have some flower essence help for that! It is exactly why the Strength Chakra Pack was created and helps the energy flow at your base chakras. Shifting and balancing the energy at these lower energy centres alone will be the start of some big changes for you. If you have any thoughts forming in your mind right now, this pack will be your catalyst to make some changes.



I will leave you the link HERE to read more about this pack and I can't wait to hear of the changes you make and how you feel once you have put them in place.

Never forget that you are a very powerful person but you may just have forgotten how to wield this power in your favour. You deserve to have a beautiful energy flow between you and the people in your life and in the situations you have to work and live in. We all do better when we are in the flow, it's just sometimes we need to be a bit stronger and braver to get that flow back on track.

Yours In Strength,

Alisha x



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