Getting it Done....Like A Boss (a personal share)

Hello! I am writing this blog in the hope that I get through to as many women as I can, that they are not alone when they fall down while dreaming their big dreams, and making their big plans.

It's one of the most beautiful things about us humans - that we want and strive for things to be better for ourselves, for our family and for the planet. We keep wanting to make things easier, more beautiful and have better quality of life.

And what's wrong with that I hear you think?

Well I think lately there has been such a big rise in women working more, women creating more and women proving time and time again that they can get the job done while raising their families.

But have you noticed the rise in adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune issues, anxiety and depression too?

I sure have. And I've been there. Bought the ticket, saw the show and yet....still I want to see more!

I want to keep riding that roller-coaster as it feels more like a home to me than the merry-go-round does. I've spent the past two years beating myself up for wanting more and getting so sick and fatigued (yep, bloody adrenal burn out slash autoimmune flare up slash weight gain slash sleep issues) and even though I've made many changes to correct my course and feel a lot better, I still keep heading down the path of wanting more fulfillment and more quality time with my loved ones and getting more out of my life.

I've finally decided that this is not a bad thing and have ceased trying to change who I am. Because really, we can make corrections and go about things a bit better once we have learned from our mistakes. But can we ever really change our heart's desires and what makes us tick? I don't think we can.

We just need to create a life that suits us better.

I'm sharing all of this because I know I'm not alone. I'm surrounded by friends, work colleagues and customers who are just like me.

They are juggling a LOT to create better lives, so their mindset and sometimes their health really suffers. Just like mine has.

I've spent so much time working out how to change when really all I needed to do was change my mindset as I went about achieving my desires and goals. And if I can help others do this, then I'm bloody excited because I keep seeing amazing things being created out of the dreams and desires of these women around me and I want access to what they are creating!

I want to support them so they can keep creating and not fall down as much as I have.

So I came up with a new blend of essences and I trialed it on the best guinea pig I! And it helped soooo much!

I then used many of the amazing women around me as guinea pigs and guess what? It helped them soooo much too!

I got a bit nostalgic as it reminded me of why I created Mumma Magic and Mojo  because they were also born out of my personal necessity when I became a mum.

I got to share them with my mothers' group and mumma friends, and watched as we all coped better, and felt better, as we stumbled through the newness and relentless emotional challenges that motherhood presented us.

So why not do the same for this 'newer' stage of my life?

And so Like A Boss was born!


I am so excited to help the jugglers out there with this blend like it's helped me.

Maybe you're an entrepreneur or business owner? Maybe you study and work (and parent!?) Maybe you have big dreams and want to put them in place for a better life for you and your family? And if you do any of this while also managing a household...this blend is your new best friend!

Here's what's in it: 

Antiseptic Bush - 'The essence of staying true to one's journey and accepting into one's life only that will sustain and support the inner nature. For cleansing oneself of negative influences in the environment or a build up over time of such influences within oneself'

Keywords - integrity, sanctity, cleansing, alert, focus.

Candle of Life - 'This essence helps the person to switch on their Light again. The renewal of hope and optimism.'

Keywords - positivity, optimism, light, renewal

Correa - 'The essence to inspire feelings of positivity and self esteem. Being able to learn from mistakes with acceptance and without blame or regret'  

Keywords - confidence, self esteem, learning, acceptance, potential

Red Beak Orchid - 'The essence of renewing energy and inspiration to attend to all facets of life creatively and with equal enthusiasm'

Keywords - enthusiasm, resolve, responsible, desire, holistic

Reed Triggerplant - 'The essence to recharge after a long struggle. To heal and then integrate and revitalise the parts of the mind and body that feel worn down. To restore inner strength, unify the mind and regain the ability to withstand the rigours of one's life'

Keywords - rejuvenate, restore, withstand, revitalize, recover

Silver Princess - 'The inspiration to tackle difficulties with the development of inner strength. To continually challenge oneself to overcome internal and external obstacles to progress."

Keywords - challenge, overcoming, mastering, persistence

So as you can see there's a lot of support in this blend for exactly the things we need if we are to become 'jugglers'.

It's not a remedy that will instantly make life better or more amazing (that's up to you!) but it will support you through the times of juggling your life with your dreams and desires.

And because I want to provide as much emotional support as possible for the jugglers, I have also created the Like A Boss pack because I know firsthand the extra help I need if I want more remedies to take on an 'as needed' basis alongside the Like A Boss blend.  

The Like A Boss pack contains:

1 x Like A Boss (to take morning and night)
1 x Manifest (take as needed to attract even more positivity when you notice negative self talk or feelings of lack arise) and
1 x Sweet Dreams (to take before bed and again if needed to promote a more restful night)

These flower essence blends are all about looking after yourself while chasing what lights you up on the inside and help you cope with everything that life can throw at you!

I know I really needed to stop fighting who I was and what I wanted and instead support my emotions and energy as I became more fully me. I really hope I can help others feel supported in this way too.  

I want more women to stop fighting who they are and settle into their potential with more ease and less stress. I turn 40 at the end of this year and have always believed that my 40's were going to be one of the best decades of my life and I truly believe that the realization of working with who I am and what I can be will make this true for me.

I'm pretty sure that I have Like A Boss to thank for helping me get here.

To fellow jugglers: You've Got This!

Yours in health, 

Alisha x

PS. If you're new to flower essence remedies, and would like to read a bit more on how they work, please read this link HERE

PPS. If you'd like to read more about the Like A Boss pack and order, click HERE.

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