Surviving The Silly Season

If there is any time of the year that you need to look after yourself, it's the end of the year!

The lead up to Christmas and all it entails can really do a number on us. Wanting to hide in the corner of a room somewhere while rocking back and forth muttering....turkey, prawns, concerts, tinsel, tree, graduation, Santa, teacher presents, wine, lego, carpark, Uncle John, totally understandable....(they don't call it the Silly Season for nothing!) 

So I wanted to put together a bit of a 'stay sane' guide just with a few reminders on how you can take care of yourself during this time of year. I also have a blog with Health Tips for Christmas and New Year which you can check out HERE for some more physical ways to look after yourself right now.

1. SAY NO!

I know it can be hard but repeat after me "I don't have to go to everything". You really don't need to go to every social function you are invited to! People will not think you are rude or lazy. Simply say "we would love to, but we have something else on" and PS, that 'something else on' can simply be family time at home or a date with your couch and a good book.

And for all the events that you feel you simply have to be at but don't feel up for much, just stay for a short time and try not to have anything else booked in for the next day. Preserve your energy wherever you can to avoid silly season burn out!

2. Go for a Walk

I can't advocate for a short (or long!) stroll somewhere in nature or even around the block enough! We can all find the time to fit this one in. When you first get up in the morning, instead of scrolling through your phone or starting on your to-do list, simply put 10-15 mins aside for you and go for a walk. It will clear your head and really help you to set up a calmer nervous system for the day.

Look up at the sky, look at any trees in your neighbourhood and pretend you are a kid again and try and look at the world around you with innocent eyes. There is so much we are missing by overthinking things. Walking and looking at nature is a great way to slow our thoughts down. You could also get into a habit of having a lovely stroll after dinner. You can even take the kids and some flashlights and see what you can spot in your neighbourhood.

My kids love seeing possums on the phone lines and looking at any decorations that might be up at this time of year. Having a short walk every day will improve your mood, your gratitude, your sleep and help you feel like you have done something for yourself even on those days that are jam-packed with so much else.

3. Online Shopping and Kris Kringle!

If you know that you aren't a big fan of going to the shops even in the quiet times, may I suggest you try to stay away? There is more traffic and carpark hassle, more people to jostle around in the shops and frankly all this can really impact the nervous system!

I think we are so lucky to have so much available to us online now and most online shops will deliver free with a certain amount spent, so embrace this amazing service we have now if you hate shopping! I've only just become an online grocery shopper for the things we need from the supermarket and as we pick up our box of fruit and veg from our co-op on the weekend, I barely ever have to go to the shops anymore! Loving it!

Don't forget to research 'experiences' as gifts instead of products when shopping for Christmas presents.  Adults love receiving vouchers for things like yoga classes, art classes, dining out, movies, massages and day spas.

For kids, vouchers to theme parks, science centres, art classes, play lands like Bounce etc make awesome presents! Also talk your family into doing Kris Kringle where you all get one quality present for one other person instead of little things for everyone! Less shopping, less wrapping and less consumer waste is win/win for everyone! 

4. Bring a Plate

If you are hosting Christmas this year, I hope you gather the troops! Our house is hosting again this year but I really don't mind as it's not much work at all. In fact, it's super cruisy because all my family members bring something! This is the way we have always done it, so there's not so much stress or financial burden on one family. I do the ham, nibblies and salads, my mum does Turducken (the night before as we have it cold), dad does the prawns and my sister does pavlova and the best potato salad you ever did eat.

Easy and fun with no stress at all (plus we can never fit in dinner so it's a very cruisy evening as well!) 

5. Ask for Help!

We all need to get better at this! Swap your kids for playdates so you get a couple of hours off one day and then you can give another mum a couple of hours off another day! If you are not able to get to the shops for any reason, ring and ask someone to pick up food for you (or get into that online shopping!)

Ask your partner or family members to help you run some of your errands when they are doing theirs. Returning the favour when you can and it makes for getting your community more like a village where we help each other.

6. Silly Season Saviour

We encounter so much at this time of year. from catching up with friends and family we may not have seen for a while (and everyone has that one tricky relative!) ;) to having a lot more on our plate. It's times like these that we tend to soldier on through and not give our feelings and emotions enough time to be felt or processed. Enter Silly Season Saviour! I created this blend for this time of year to cover it all! 

Silly Season Saviour is a bottle of calm to see you through the end of year craziness. Silly Season Saviour will have you telling yourself that when it comes to all your end of year commitments, Christmas, New Years Eve, kids, family, shopping, cooking, socialising and everything in between that 'You've Got This'!

There are essences for safely letting go of pent up resentment and frustration, increasing your motivation and energy and slowing down racing thoughts. 

Simply take this flower essence blend morning and night and as needed and keep yourself feeling calm this silly season! If you'd like to read more about how flower essences can help you, please click this link HERE.

We also have Silly Season Saviour in Mist form too which combines the Silly Season flower essence blends with an essential oil blend that smells like Christmas! It contains Mandarin, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Frankincense so your space will smell great as well as helping chill everyone out! 


Whatever you do this time of year, make sure it involves looking after the person running the show...YOU! To enjoy such a wonderful and celebratory time of year, you need to be getting your sleep and not feeling like you are doing everything all by yourself.

So, please follow your heart and your gut and ask yourself every day - 'what do I need right now?' and then go do that!

Most of all have fun!

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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