Emotional Support for Our Pets

I know a lot of us have furry and feathered friends at home who are like our babies (or I think we can go as far to say, they ARE our babies) so considering I like to make flower essence blends to keep the WHOLE household happier and calmer, here has been a pretty big gap in my flower essence blend range in regards to a specific formula for our pets!

I always have many people asking me for advice on what to give their fur babies and in the past, I have always directed them towards Help and Slow Down as these blends actually help with a lot of issues that our pets can experience.

But after many requests and much testing, a specific blend for animals is born - Fur Baby Pet Support!

Our pets experience a wide range of emotions, just like we do, and can become anxious and depressed and even act out with anti-social behaviour just like we can!

Helping our pets feel calmer and more settled by safely releasing emotions and allowing them to feel more in balance is such an easy thing to do with the help of flower essences.

So here is who I made Fur Baby Pet Support for: 

Dogs, cats, horses, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens...hoping you get the idea.... basically anyone in the animal kingdom!

Here are the objectives I set out to achieve with this blend:

Helping with any emotions and feelings associated with past trauma and abuse (great for our rescued pets!). 

Helping with nerves and fear during travel, visits to the vet, loud noises and storms.

Help with training of new skills. 

Loneliness and separation anxiety for pets who are alone during the day.

Helping with anti-social behaviour like biting, fighting, incessant barking or digging or just any behaviour that we can class as 'acting out!' 

Here are the flower essences that went into Fur Baby:

Pink Fairy Orchid - for those stressed by environmental chaos or pressure. Helpful for those easily influenced and changed by noises, clamour or emotionally charged environments. This essence brings about more serenity, inner peace, resilience and composure.

Western Australian Smokebush - for those who have suffered a shock or trauma with intense fear, for those who are anxious and can not think clearly under any type of stress and for fears of unknown origin. This essence brings about feeling more whole, connected, safe and clear-headed.

Snake Bush - for those who feel too attached, too needy or too dependent on others. This essence brings about inner contentment, independence and self love.

Balga - for feelings of aggression, insensitivity and need for destruction. This essence brings about maturity, assertiveness and balance.

Silver Princess - to help with mastering a skill or aspect of learning, helps establish healthy disciplines, helps with feelings of overwhelm, frustration and rebelliousness. This essence brings about patience, persistence and mastering new skills.

Ribbon Pea - for any feelings of foreboding, dread, anxiety and fear. For those overwhelmed in a situation and wanting to flee or respond fearfully to a supposed or real threat. This essence brings about calm, acceptance and positivity.

Brown Boronia - for worry, anxiety, sleeplessness and obsessiveness. This essence brings about feeling free from spiralling thoughts, patience and acceptance.

Hairy Yellow Pea - for those anxious about the choices in front of them and who often feel scattered, overwhelmed and inexperienced when it comes to choosing what to do. This blend brings about patience, direction, wisdom and calm.

So with the Pet Support blend we are really covering a lot of bases when it comes to what our animals need help with. Your pet doesn't have to be experiencing all of the above issues to be helped by this blend and it can be used even if there is just one thing you would like to help your pet address.

How To Use

Just like us humans, the dose is 7 drops twice daily or on an 'as needed' basis. You can give it straight into their mouth or pop the 7 drops in their water bowl. If your pet is experiencing any ongoing issues then I definitely recommend giving twice daily.

And I came up with a pack which also contains our Fur Baby Mist! This gives you the vibrational shifting power of  the Fur Baby Pet Support flower essences combined with the healing potential and therapeutic aroma of a very gentle amount of lavender essential oil which is safe for use around your pet. Using this mist around your pet, will help them feel calmer and more settled. Use as needed.

Check out the Fur Baby Duo Pack here >>

I would love to hear from any of you who decide to give Fur Baby Pet Support a go and add you to my already long list of wonderful testimonials from pet owners who have been involved in the testing stages of this new blend.

My favourite one so far, is a beloved rescue dog (Bullfrog) that isn't afraid of storms anymore and can sleep soundly instead of pacing the house anxiously!

Yours in Health,

Alisha x

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