Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence
Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence
Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence
Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence

Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence

Soothe & Support
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"To look into the eyes of an animal is to look into the eyes of love."

Our pets experience a wide range of emotions, just like we do, and can become skittish and upset and even act out with anti-social behaviour just like we can! Helping our pets feel soothed and more settled by safely releasing emotions and allowing them to feel more in balance is such an easy thing to do with the help of flower essences. I formulated Fur Baby Pet Support to cover the most common issues our pets can face. This blend can be used on any type of animal.

Assists With: Feelings associated with past trauma and abuse (great for our rescued pets!) Nerves and fear during travel and visits to the vet/groomer, Loud noises and storms, Help with training of new skills, Loneliness and separation difficulties for pets who are alone during the day, Anti-social behaviour like biting, fighting, incessant barking or digging or just any 'acting out' behaviour!

Positive Outcome: Serenity, Resilience, Independence, Patience, Mastering new skills

7 drops in the mouth twice daily and/or as needed. Can also be added to their water bowl. If your pet weighs less than 10kg, please just use 4 drops twice daily. 

Also available as a mist to spray around your pet or car or any spaces your pet needs calming in. Use in conjunction with the oral blend in our Pet Support Duo Pack

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Pink Fairy Orchid, WA Smokebush, Snake Bush, Balga, Silver Princess, Ribbon Pea, Hairy Yellow Pea, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I think it helped for car sickness but nothing else

Diana C
I'll Never Be Without Them Now

I have 2 x senior dogs, one of them so anxious that is a door is rattling just a tiny bit she is hiding in the bathroom or under desks. Storms are a whole other ordeal on a massive level. It was impacting our lives to the point where we couldn't open windows, were packing doors with cardboard etc. When I first tried fur baby, I didn't notice a difference, but then I tried more drops. They share a large Pyrex dish as a water bowl, so I put in 4 squirts every time I fill it and it has been life changing. Doors can rattle and she no longer lifts her head, we can have windows open, and she is fine. We haven't been through a storm yet, but I am sure she will not be as bad. I will never be without these now.


What a wonderful and life-enhancing change you've seen using our Pet Support - Fur Baby flower essence drops in their water. It is really wonderful to hear, thank you for sharing!

NNM Team xx

Ruth K.
A Repeat Purchase

I have a senior fur baby (adopted at 5yrs, now nearly 15yrs old) and if he's having any issues, if he's anxious because I'm going out or there are sky booms around I ask him if he wants drops and his tail wags and he comes to me. Also if he's distressed because he's had a bit of a turn he loves the drops as they calm him and help him cope. I am grateful for this product. I buy it for my fur grandbabies as well and they love having it.

Ruth, it is absolutely wonderful to hear that your senior fur baby and fur grandbabies are all able to benefit from the Pet Support blend! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with the whole fur family!

NNM Team xx

tara Mellitchey

We have a old rescue dog that is so anxious.
He hardly settles at high.
After years of training, meditating near hopes of giving up and losing sleep, we found naturopathmum.
She has saved us from many sleepless night with our old boy.
The one thing that actually calms him and we feel safe knowing it’s all natural!
Thank you

Hi Tara,

It is absolutely wonderful to hear that your rescue dog has been able to benefit from the Pet Support blend and that you've gained some sleep in the process!

NNM Team xx

Miracle drops. Never thought we’d experience a calm puppy.

Our little rescue pup Kobe (4yrs old) is a bundle of nerves, has MASSIVE issues with separation, to the point where he barked and cried constantly no matter the length of time he was left (even 5 minutes to get milk), very defensive of his food, guards us and is aggressive to anyone who enters the house (except our regulars) and after 8 months we never thought he’d settle and calm.
Well he used to be like this. Since he started using your Fur Baby drops in his food every night and a citronella spray collar for his barking, we have a “completely new dog” as my Dad said and have actually managed to leave the house for a whole night out!!!! When we looked on the camera no barking, no crying, no howling, and for the first time he just sat, laid and settled.
We are both so, so thankful to you and this product 🐾💙

Hi Sam,

WOW!! Were were elated to read of Kobe's journey! It is absolutely wonderful to hear the difference you've been able to make in your rescue pup's life. Thank you so much for sharing.

NNM Team xx

Deidre Frost
Can't stop now

My 14 year old Jack Russell has gone blind last month, trying to find her way through the house banging into every wall. Since the Fur Baby drops sleeping all night no longer wondering around the house crying getting stuck. Great will keep ordering

Thank you Deirdre, this breaks our heart but also warms it too. We are so grateful that Fur Baby is supporting your jack russell so well. xx

Keely Houghton
Calm after the storm....

We have a beautiful big 5yr old male ridgeback who until now has been on the wrong side of anxious. These drops have honestly made a huge impact! Thank you so much♥️🙏🏼