Emotional Support During Peri-Menopause

It can be a tough gig being a maturing woman. Balancing life’s stresses, family, work, relationships, and finances with a hormonal system in (at times violent) constant fluctuation can feel overwhelming… especially in a pandemic world.

And I should mention here that 'peri-menopause' isn't a disease or condition. It's simply a phase of our lives just like puberty and menopause are hormonal phases in our lives. In fact, we are actually considered to be in peri-menopause at the age our reproductive hormone levels naturally start to fall and this is at 35 years of age. It doesn't mean you will have terrible symptoms or can't have a baby past this age, it's simply a classification of where you are at with your hormone levels. So peri-menopause starts at 35 and goes until you are in menopause which you officially enter after 12 months of not menstruating and this can be any age from our 40's onwards depending on your familial and hormonal history. The average age of women in Australia leaving perimenopause and entering menopause is 51. So let's for arguments sake, say that most of us will be in this peri-menopause stage from 35-51!

If your hormones are not in balance however, you can start to experience some peri-menopausal 'symptoms' and this is what I am wanting to address in this blog....specifically some emotional support tips for this stage in our life.

The main changes that you might see coming up if your hormones are out of whack during peri-menopause are weight gain, insomnia, irritability, increased emotions (extra teary!) and brain fog or poor memory. If you would like more physical health tips to address hormonal imbalance, you can find that in this blog HERE but for the emotional support tips while this may be going on for you, please keep reading!

As you step into and through this stage of perimenopause, know that you are doing so with 47 million new perimenopausal entrants each year. You are not alone and you’ve totally got this! 

And remember, part of “having this” is prioritising your emotional health. There might be some bumps and pot holes along the way but these can be navigated with the right approaches. Here are my five top ways to supporting peri-menopausal emotions, naturally.

1. Practice self-love with relish

Peri-menopause is a natural time of transition. It marks passage between two distinct life stages and can bring beautiful experiences, freedoms and wisdom. However, much of the modern world doesn’t hold space for changing, older female bodies. Because of the youthful biases of media and marketing, we can fight against perimenopause and, so, ourselves.

Instead, learn to embrace the metamorphosis. Put in place loving strategies to calm distress…

Practice deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness.

Schedule restorative time and protect it with your life. Read, take a warm aromatherapy-infused bath, nap. Do whatever your heart calls you to do; leave any guilt at the door.

Treat yourself as your most precious gift because you are.

2. Enjoy Yoga

This ancient practice brings physical and psychological flow. As you move your body through space, focus on your breath, and try not to fall over, you connect parts of yourself that may not have conversed in years; body, mind, and spirit.

One 2015 study found that the regular practice of this time-honoured exercise lessened menopausal symptoms and psychological distress, while lowering fatigue and raising quality of life. Take a leaf from the pages of this experimental book.

Take a class either in person or online, or follow along to a Yoga tutorial. Remember, this is about gentle love. Start where you are and enjoy the process. Relinquish expectations.

3. Journal daily

Have you ever used a journal regularly? If not, now might be the perfect time to begin.

Purchase a beautiful journal and begin the habit of purging, exploring, understanding. As your pen glides over the page you might be hit with inspiration or deeper insight. You can unpack your emotions and work with each one…

Where does the anger or sadness come from?

What is the truth of your experience?

Where and when do you feel unheard and how can you remedy this?

Getting your words down on paper can be therapeutic; a safe release of an internal scream and a place to put things right.

4. Bliss out with aromatherapy massage

The power contained within plants is incredible. Nature truly does provide; she has your perimenopausal back!

Speaking of backs, regular massage has been 
shown to soothe stress and aromatherapy massage is, in particular, healing. A 2015 study found that geranium essential oil reduced symptoms of depression. Frankincense may calm stress. Lemongrass may ease anxiousness and tension. Spearmint may encourage sounder sleep, making all aspects of life easier.

Find a massage therapist you trust and relax. Enjoy!

5. Female Support Mist and Blend packs

Products that are formulated with your experience as a woman in mind act as a welcome blessing. Our Female Support Mist pack has you at its heart.

This beautiful trio contains Slow Down Mist, 
Female Mist, and Let It Go Mist. By combining essential oils including geranium, frankincense, lemongrass, spearmint, and others, with vibrational infusion flower essences, we’ve created peri-menopausal magic.

Together, these gentle and powerful products soothe stress, help you navigate through hormonal flux, calm a chattering mind, and provide solace when it's most needed.

Begin your journey with our 
Female Support Mist pack here.

And to really support those fluctuating and sometimes confusing array of emotions that keep coming up, please check out our Female Support Pack Flower Essence blends. All 3 blends are for you to take either straight in mouth or in your cup of tea or water bottle and can betaken twice daily as well as on an 'as needed' basis. These really help support your emotions and will help you feel more balanced and a lot calmer.

The gentle takeaway

Peri-menopause is a natural time of immense flux. Be kind with yourself. Take steps to protect and treasure your body and your mind: practice self-love with relish, enjoy Yoga, journal daily, bliss out with aromatherapy massage, and support your health with our support mist pack. Remember: you absolutely deserve to be well and flourish!

Yours in Health,


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