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Truth Flower Essence

Expression & Communication

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Truth - Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

"I communicate my truth clearly, with ease and grace."

For increasing our ability to communicate. Helps to balance the throat chakra and enhances our truth, communication and expression of feelings.

This blend can help you speak up for yourself or others when previously it was hard to do so. Your ideas, your creativity and your opinions are your truth and working on this chakra will help that truth be heard.

You and your voice are extremely unique and deserve to be heard. This will help you bring the special gifts that you have to offer into the world.

Best Used For 

Emotional State: Unable to speak up, Uncommunicative, Unable to express emotions and feelings clearly

Positive Outcome: Enhances communication, Express yourself more easily, Speak your truth

For Kids

Children form this chakra from ages 7-12 Support Communication, Exploration and Creativity. Great emotional support for children who stutter or have delays in verbal communication or unable to express themselves

How to take

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Catspaw, Fuchsia Grevillea, Orange Spiked Pea, Veronica, Purple & Red Kangaroo Paw, Swan River Myrtle, Balga, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tanya K.
The Truth Shall Set You Free

I ordered this as soon as my throat started hurting. Laryngitis hit me hard, lost my voice for 4 days. This blend helped on so many levels, mainly allowing the truth to come out when I was so sick, asking for help, expressing how I really felt.
Since then, I've continued using this daily and I'm finding my voice, my truth and the ability to speak up.
The changes I've seen in and around me are wonderful.
The 'Truth' has set me free!

Customer review

I have been taking the truth blend for the past three weeks or so. I am also working with a kinesiologist who is putting me through a detox. For the past week I have been experiencing an intense detox of all organs connecting to the throat chakra and my kinesiologist has told me this is the work of the truth blend....just keep going he says!! Whilst I have felt very uncomfortable for the past week, and even lost my voice, I know this is a very positive sign that my throat chakra is balancing. Thank you

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