Teenager Pack

Got a teen or a tween in your life at the moment? Then you'll be so glad you stumbled upon this Teenager Pack of flower essence blends, put together specifically for households with teens and tweens!

Let's face it the years of 11 to 19 usher a young person through monumentally massive physical and emotional changes, and the whole family needs all the support they can get.

This pack contains the top 4 blends I recommend for the transitional tween/teen years:

Teenager - for the adolescent and pre-teen years to assist with hormonal changes in the body and the effect it has. It assists with enhancing communication, the ability to cope with great changes and self-esteem.

Help - to help centre and bring you back to your body when your energy is scattered due to shock, panic, fear, distress and feeling stressed.

Let It Go -all about helping you let go of issues that are harming your relationship with yourself and others.Fantastic for any times of confusion, turmoil and disharmony in your life and relationships.

Focus - assists with clarity, concentration and focus when working, speaking, reading or studying or anything that requires your full attention.It balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information.

Do your tween/teen and the whole family a favour and give these powerful natural remedies a go!

Dosage for all ages 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.

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