Peace - Heart Chakra

  • Peace - Heart Chakra - Anahata

    "I give and receive love unconditionally. I am loved."

    Helps to balance the heart chakra and creates openness, trust, love, joy and inner peace.

    The parts of the physical body this blend will energetically support are: heart, thymus gland, circulatory system, arms, hands, lungs.
    Blockages of this chakra result in: immune system or heart problems, lack of compassion, generosity and love emotions, fear and rage, feeling stuck and fearful, self-pity, feeling unworthy and fearing rejection.
    If this chakra is too open, can result in: an over stimulated heart chakra can result in a ‘bleeding heart’ and possessiveness.
    Children form this chakra from: Ages 4 – 7 Modelling Relationships, Empathy and Moral Behaviour.

    Dosage for all ages –  7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.
  • Ingredients: Bluebell, Crowea, Freshwater mangrove, Pink flannel flower, Rough bluebell, Donkey orchid, Purple nymph Waterlily, water, ethanol.