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Mumma Magic Blend

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  • "When a mother starts to look after herself, the most amazing things start to happen."

    Mumma Magic drops are to help all mums, they encompass and address the emotions that commonly arise in the parenting journey. This is a fabulous blend to take as a new mum and also if you have been a mum for years.

    This flower essence blend contains essences for feelings of overwhelm, worry, guilt and fear, it helps create more inner calm, relaxes perfectionist tendencies, increases self confidence, self love, and shifts energy in areas of life direction, goals and feelings of purpose as well as the weight of responsibility felt as primary care giver.

    Emotional State: Overwhelmed ۢ Mummy-Guilt ۢ Overthinking and niggling fears ۢ Stress ۢ Feeling weighed down
    Positive Outcomes: Inner Calm ۢ Self-Confidence ۢ Balance ۢ Clearer direction ۢ Feeling lighter

    Dosage 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.

  • Ingredients: Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Goddess Grasstree, Golden Waitsia, Hairy Yellow Pea, One Sided Bottle Brush, Parakeelya, Yellow & Green Kangaroo Paw, Pink Fairy Orchid, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


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