Manifest Flower Essence
Manifest Flower Essence
Manifest Flower Essence
Manifest Flower Essence

Manifest Flower Essence

Attract and Positivity
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"Vibrate as if it is and it will be."

This flower essence blend assists with aligning your energy with the energy of what you are wanting to bring in to your life. Assists you to manifest with positivity and decrease self-sabotage behaviour patterns. Increases your belief in deserving what you desire and helps you attract this with more positive thoughts!

Emotional State: Feeling stuck in old thought patterns, Self sabotage, Fear of lack, Negative thinking

Positive Outcomes: Releasing old or negative beliefs, Opening up, Trusting, Increasing positivity, Confidence

Great for children that are displaying negative beliefs via negative self talk such as "nobody likes me....I'm not good enough....I can't do that" 

Dosage for ages 2 and up is 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers, Menzies Banksia, Pincushion Hakea, Shy Blue Orchid, Southern Cross, Wild Violet, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anne Burlinson
A positive energy boost!

So grateful that I found this blend! I've been on Manifest for a little over two weeks now, and I am seeing more and more congruence with what I wish to manifest!

I can feel a significant energy shift on the first day of taking the drops. Granted, the latter half of 2023 was full of tribulations, and as they got worse, I know I spent more and more time feeling the negatives. So, this blend was precisely what my soul needed. From a 'hopeless' state, I felt like it helped me make a quantum leap to a "hopeful and grateful" level. From there on, I feel like it is easier to get the level I need to manifest what I desire. There were, however, moments of relapse where unhelpful thoughts crept in, but the support I got from Manifest Blends helped me to release and get back on track.

Thank you, Alisha and team! I know lives haven't been easy for you, too, yet here you are, continuing to help others. I'm' grateful for you!

Anne, this is just beautiful to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience... here's to a 2024 full of manifesting that which you desire!

NNM Team xx


Amazing product. Highly recommend it!

Used it before & will use it again

I remember using this blend a couple of years ago and noticing some positive things happening at the time. So I was keen to experience more of the same with buying the larger size blend this time. And it delivered once again! One major positive change has come about and I've enjoyed being supported with receiving more of the positive stuff in life as I step into a new chapter (like I don't have to 'make things happen' on my own). Highly recommend & will definitely use this one again.


We are delighted to hear that the Manifest blend has delivered for you! Here's to your next wonderful chapter!!

NNM Team xx

Priscilla Solman

Being in a management position for work, I found these drops helped me to think, feel & attract the positivity I need each day to get tasks completed. I will be stocking up on this one with my next order! Thankyou so much Naughty Naturopath 💓


We love hearing that the Manifest blend has assisted you in your management position! May there be positivity and more extra feels for the tasks completed into the future with your stocking up. Thanks for sharing your experience.

NNM Team xx

Powerhouse for change.

As the new year rolled in I really wanted to bring in change and positive, focusing on moving away from old self-sabortaging behaviours and negative thinking. I purchased Manifest and what a difference these drops have made. I feel light and more positive, and sticking to my intentions I wrote down. I also give these drops to our daughter who struggles with negative thoughts which impacts her moving forward, what a shift I have seen. I also paired manifest up with motivation and what a power house for change. My daughter has commented on how better she is feeling, less over whelmed and willing to give things a go. These drops have supported my son in starting a new school, he spoke about wanting to make new friends and have a nice teacher, which supported his transition and enhanced his positive thinking about change. These drops never cease to amaze me with their effectiveness in such a short time. Thank you as always for supporting myself and family- so much love and gratitude.

Hi Sarah,

What a delight to read your experience with the Manifest blend!! May you and your family continue to manifest a wonderful year!

NNM Team xx

Only 10 days to see benefits

I began taking this Manifest Flower Essence 10 days ago and in the last 2 or 3 have noticed some positive changes in both my work and personal life. For some time making my vision and desires a reality has been a struggle while dealing with health challenges that have, at times, hindered me. So I thought I'd give this essence a go and am SO encouraged by the breakthroughs and opportunities that are showing up. Thanks NNM for another wonderful essence!

Maxine, what a wonderful story to read. We love manifest for this very reason too and have had many customers welcome in positive change thanks to the blend. We are so happy to hear you've loved the blend so much and even more so, that you're reaping the benefits.

Prue B.
Manifest, energy help

I’m a busy working Mum with 2 young girls, 3 6 yrs old. My husband is often away for work I often feel overwhelmed by the juggle. I’ve discovered the wonderful combination of Manifest Energy blends which I feel help me to cope with it all! I feel that it gives me the energy to get through each day as well as helping to bring about things that will help me to either get through the day or realise personal goals both short term long term. I also can’t live without Help in the cupboard I give my daughter Self Love Focus before school when I feel she needs a little extra help!