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Male Flower Essence

Connection & Communication

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"There is no control, only navigation."

A flower essence blend for helping males of all ages with communication, feeling connected, increasing compassion, bringing out sensitivity and awareness of others needs, increasing trust and opening the heart chakra, encouraging them to ask for help if needed, creating more inner calm and easing worry, stress and tension related to perceived responsibilities and old belief systems. 

Best Used For 

Emotional State: Stress, Tension, Guarded, Uncommunicative

Positive Outcome: More open, Enhanced communication, Compassion, Inner calm

How to take

Dosage for ages 2 and up is 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Balga, One Sided Bottlebrush, Red & Green Kangaroo Paw, Yellow Flag Flower, Orange Leschenaultia, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
I’m seeing a difference

My Husband has been taking this unknowingly. (I put it in his morning and evening shakes).
I am seeing a difference in him in just over 3weeks.
I am happy with his changes in communication, attitude and patience.

Thank you for this review, Anne. We really love the Male blend for these reasons too, and we love to hear that men feel the difference too. xx

Excellence in a blue bottle

I bought this for husband when he was going through a rough bout of depression and refused to talk or seek help. I snuck it in his water and after few days he opened up to me and talked. He uses his it regularly now and it has helped so much. It’s amazing!

Open and chatty

I have been giving this blend to my 2 sons, I have seen a particular difference in my eldest son who would often shit down and not talk about how he was feeling or just come across very closed off. As a mother of boys this to me was concerning, I wanted to have the open communication with them. After a week of taking these drops he is expressing himself and much more willing to share his feelings with other family members. It’s beautiful to watch him emerge from his safe little cocoon and blossom into the sweet loving boy we are seeing today. Thank you

Ronnyne M.
Magic drops

I always kick myself when I remember to buy these after they ran out weeks or months earlier.
Hubby has always sent me loopy by ‘not talking’ but when he has these drops he’s like a new man. He is stubborn but secretly I see that he can feel the difference too.

Annmaree C.
Happy Tweenager

My tweenager is talking more and is calmer more at school and home

Janelle C.
Make blend review

So far we have found that my partner has been a lot more open towards conversations with the kids and myself and a lot calmer and happier. It has only been a couple of weeks so let’s see if it is working or if his just in a good mood (which is doubtful) 😋

Rebecca P.
Feeling balanced

My husband loves this makes him feel balanced he has anxiety keeps him even not up and down in his emotions

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