Product image 1Looking After Yourself Pack
Product image 2Looking After Yourself Pack
Product image 3Looking After Yourself Pack
Product image 4Looking After Yourself Pack
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Looking After Yourself Pack

Regular price $69.95

These are the 4 flower essence blends that come in handy almost every day. They will help you look after the most important person in the world. You!

Help: For despair, shock, grief, worry and stress.
Slow Down: For feeling overwhelmed, pushed and pulled into too many directions, spinning head, scattered thoughts.
Energy: For that nothing in the tank feeling, no motivation, no enthusiasm, no energy.
Self Love: For second-guessing yourself, for negative thoughts about how you look and act and any self-sabotage patterns

Buying these 4 within this pack saves you $11.85 for 30ml bottles and $16.85 for 50ml bottles.

Dosage for all ages 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.

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