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Female Blend

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  • "I am grateful to be female. It means I have giving hands, an open heart and a warrior spirit."

    This flower essence blend assists females dealing with changes in their cycle and reproductive hormones at any stage in their life. It will help you to feel more at ease, less moody and provides an uplifting and restorative energy.

    An excellent blend for shifting energy and emotions if your hormones are still all over the place from pregnancy or for pre-menstrual and menopausal changes.

    It also comes in a special pack I put together called PMS Pack, which you can check out here, bundled together with Slow Down and Let It Go, the perfect combo for a more harmonious time of month.

    Female Blend Emotional State: ۢ Mood swings ۢ Weary ۢ Physical dislike
    Positive Outcome: ۢ Female life cycle balance ۢ Restores emotional balance ۢ Coping with change

    Dosage - 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.

  • Ingredients: Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Goddess Grasstree, Yellow Cone Flower, Hybrid Pink Fairy/Cowslip Orchid, Macrozamia, Purple Eremophila,  Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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