Evolve Flower Essence
Evolve Flower Essence
Evolve Flower Essence
Evolve Flower Essence

Evolve Flower Essence

Time for Change
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"Every day we are presented with two choices, Evolve or repeat" 

This flower essence blend is great for taking during times of change or transition. When you know you are facing the big emotions that come with stepping into something new or when you need a little nudge to bloom into your new potential. 

This blend is great to take when feeling fearful of change or feeling overwhelmed by who you are becoming or what lies ahead. Use this blend with job or career changes, stage of life changes, moving house, relationships ending or beginning, stepping into any new role in your work, household or romantic and personal life.

Emotional State: overwhelmed, fearful, rigid thinking, stagnant, resentful, defeated, hesitation, pessimistic, blocked, feeling powerless or hopeless

Positive Outcomes: staying true to one's journey, strengthened resolve, embracing renewal and change, flexibility, open mind, breakthroughs, courage, regeneration, inspired, hopeful

Great for emotional support for kids who are starting daycare or kindergarten, changing schools or going into the next grade, moving house, transitioning between gender or identity or stepping into who they are now becoming, friendship group changes or if family circumstances are changing.

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Antiseptic Bush, Blue China Orchid, Dampiera, Green Rose, Menzies Banksia, Shy Blue Orchid and Star of Bethlehem, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this blend

Since my partner recently started taking this essence, I've noticed how he seems more receptive and open. He also seems to be coping with stress better and things like money aren't as hot a topic as what they used to be. Definitely love seeing him be in 'flow' more.

Hi M,

It's great to hear your partner has been able to benefit in so many ways from the Evolve blend. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

NNM Team xx

Such a blessing!

I hadn't anticipated what a huge transition starting a new job in a different field was going to be for me! I'd pushed myself well and truly out of my comfort zone and was struggling on many levels. So i decided to try this essence and it has been a godsend.
I immediately felt better able to cope with all of the changes and levelling up, and was able to embrace it all with more grace and confidence. Absolutely recommend


This is so lovely to hear! Navigating changes, levelling up and embracing life with grace and confidence is what this blends is all about, so we're delighted to hear it has assisted you in this way!

NNM Team xx

Game (life changer) changer.

Over the last few years life has been nothing short of surprises- surprises of the unsettling kind. Perhaps, my daughter & myself are going through a life transition as life decided to take a curve ball. The common theme of the last year has been change, change in school, loss of work, change in dance teachers, change in friends whilst navigating our external world. Just as life seems settled and anchored, another change rears itself. We have been using 'Evolve' since the release date and I feel a sense of security, hope and confidence. I love pairing this blends with 'Female' to support us holistically. I am thrilled for this magic blend, and all its wonderful ingredients from Mother Earth. Thank you Alisha, and Team for creating another much-needed blend to bring us back to ourselves.