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Essential Mum Pack

Support for Mummas

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If you are a mum - you need this pack. Full Stop. It contains the two blends that help shift all those adulting and parenting emotions and makes you feel more like your old self again. 

Mumma Magic - The Mother of all Blends These drops are to help all mums, they encompass and help with everything a mum feels in her motherhood journey. This is a fabulous flower essence blend to take as a new mum and also if you have been on the mum train for decades.

Mojo is a special blend that I have put together for women to get their mojo back in more ways than one! Our needs and desires are mostly determined by how we feel about ourselves and how we feel in our body. This changes constantly over the years due to many reasons such as changes in the appearance of our physical body, hormonal fluctuations, becoming a parent, lack of time for self care and plain old exhaustion and lack of sleep. 

Best Used For 

Mums who feel like they have lost themselves along the way in their parenting journey and want to tap into their own needs and wants again.

What's in the Pack?

Mumma Magic - The Mother of all Blends This blend contains essences for feeling overwhelmed, worry, guilt, fear, creating more inner calm, working on any perfectionist tendencies, increasing self confidence, self love, shifting emotions and energies related to life direction and purpose and the weight of responsibility felt as primary care giver.

Mojo is designed to nurture you and give you back your mojo by building confidence, self esteem and appreciation and love of your physical form. It also contains essences to let go of expectations and inhibitions and there is also an essence for increasing your vim and vigour! 

How to take

Dosage - Take both blends together - 7 drops of each twice daily and as needed.


Mumma Magic

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Goddess Grasstree, Golden Waitsia, Hairy Yellow Pea, One Sided Bottle Brush, Parakeelya, Yellow & Green Kangaroo Paw, Pink Fairy Orchid, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Giving Hands, Leafless Orchid, Macrozamia, Pink Fountain Triggerplant, Red Leschenaultia, Urchin Dryandra, Golden Glory Grevillea, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Love it

Long time buyer, first time reviewer...
The essential mum pack is absolutely amazing. Saved me from falling into a heap several times

Love going all-nat-urallll 🥰

Firstly the packaging HUGE tick from me, no plastics and super cute and simple!

Secondly so far 1 week into using the two oils and noticing a difference already! Love love love!

The bottles and droppers are high quality also which I really like also

Thank you so much for your review, so happy you are loving the flower essence blends. Environment is one of our values and we work really hard to ensure all of our products get the big tick of approval in terms natural and environmentally friendly.

'Distance Learning' Essential!!

Alisha you have done it again - I have my Mumma Magic & Mojo at breakfast and goodness I have noticed such a difference.
This time around, I am calmer - I am not letting Master 8's refusal to sit and do his work get to me. I am a happier mum and it's such a nice feeling.
Definitely don't feel like I am living on coffee all day or needing to pour the wine before lunch! Thankyou!

Love These blends

I started the mojo a few weeks ago and it has helped me so much. I decided to try this after not feeling like my old self and felt that I needed something to help and I'm so glad to have bought these as it's giving me what I lost back. Definitely feel like the old me is coming back. Thank you

My savior!!

Aparently it's frowned upon to have a glass of wine at 8am and there's only so many coffee you can have before your in a bit of strife so these oil blends are the perfect thing for this mumma! I'm so much happier, at ease with sustainable energy throughout the day!! Love love love these oils!!!

Melissa N.
Essential Mum Pack

Loving the Essential Mum pack. I felt a difference within about one week. I feel more centred, more relaxed and calm. Things that I may have reacted to have not bothered me. I definatley recommend these. I have also added the Help drops to my morning and evening routine.As a mum of 3 busy teens I feel I can control my emotions more and be less "reactive" to day to day stresses. These drops are a winner for busy mums!

Tina H.
Fantastic product

I bought the essential Mum pack a few weeks ago and I have noticed my energy levels and sense of calm and peace has returned 💖 from a tired and stressed out Mum and Nurse😊

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