Custom Made Blend Refill
Custom Made Blend Refill
Custom Made Blend Refill

Custom Made Blend Refill

Custom Blend REFILL
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As long as you have ordered a personal custom blend in the last 12 months, we can do a repeat of your blend. You will not need to answer the questionnaire again, please note in the comments at checkout the name of the person the blend refill is for.

Adults or Children who wish to continue on their custom blend.

Please note this is ordering just the custom blend and is not accompanied by a ready made blend. If you received a ready made blend in your pack with your first custom blend and you would like to order again, this can be re-ordered here

If it has been more than 12 months since you last ordered your custom blend or your circumstances have changed or even if you feel you are ready to work on new issues, we advise you to order a new custom blend rather than a refill and answer the questionnaire again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Self Blend and Help

I am so glad someone told me about these flower essence. Who would think they do such an amazing job in repairing you. Wow, when I forget to take them, I notice a big difference in myself. And of course HELP is above this world, when i have down moment in goes help, and the difference no one would even know i was in tears before....I wouldnt be without these Flower Essence. And i am telling many people about you too....

Hi Heidi. Thank you for the great review! We are thrilled that your Custom and Help blends are helping greatly! Thank you for telling your friends about us too! Much love, NNM Team xx

Life changing

We've used the custom blend on and off for a while now. We were recently having some issues with my daughters self confidence and ability to regulate her emotions, so we started her on her custom blend drops again.
These are a miracle in a bottle! She is able to self regulate her emotions, small issues don't become big ones anymore, and she is happy and confident! I won't be stopping these again any time soon!

Hi Steph! Thank you for the wonderful review of our Custom blend refill! We are thrilled to hear that your daughter has seen the great benefits of our blends. Keep in touch! NNM Team xx

Such a relief

I must admit, that I had almost exhausted all my options, when I reached out to Alisha and her team. My overactive bladder was causing me to be very nervous as well as being embarrassed.
After a few weeks of taking a Custom Blend together with Help Blend, I am feeling much more relaxed in myself & my bladder is so much more manageable now. As a matter of fact, the best it has been in a few years..
I can’t thank you enough Alisha for introducing me to your Naughty Naturopath Mum products.

Hi Judy, we're elated to hear you're more relaxed in yourself and that your bladder now feels more manageable and better than it has been in years. Well done you for taking the leap to try out a Custom Blend!! NNM Team x

Magic drops

I have no idea what’s in this little bottle but all I know is it has saved us. I now have a child who willingly goes to school, sleeps better and can get off the emotional rollercoaster easier. Thank you 😊

Donna S
Love these products!!

My daughter has just turned 13 - she has been heavily bullied from grade 4 through 6. She became an introvert always wanting to stay home and not go anywhere, even if out with good friends she was disinterested and distant. One of our close friends told me about this amazing product/blend pack made especially for teenagers so I looked it up. I was about to order the pack but decided to email Alisha instead. So glad i did her and her team were sooo helpful and suggested a custom blend and help in a pack which will clear out the negative thinking/cobwebs. As soon as it arrived on the Wed she started taking it. On the Friday a panic hit due to a friend being sick and not able to do their talk at school, she said mum i don't think that stuff is working, i asked to give it a chance it was only two days ;). After a week I noticed a difference she was wanting to go out shopping and not just buying anime things, also outings with friends became a more happier experience. After three weeks she got up in front of her class and did a talk in Chinese about her family. I am sooo proud of her and how far she has come in such a sort time. Just want to say thank you Naughty Natropath Mum, I am getting my happy go lucky daughter back!!!

Amazing... custom blends!!!

Where to start- This has taken me a bit to write a review as I have so much to say. so many thanks to naughty naturopath mum for there amazing help not only with making a perfect blend for my son but they were also there to help with any questions that I had too. I gave this blend ago because I thought anything is better then what I’m going through right now with son. my son is 5yrs and he stutters and has speech delay and along with uncontrollable emotions which all this causes really bad behaviours at school, home or any were we go eg, runs away we have to chase him, tantrums, hurts others or himself. He also sees a lot of therapists as well. Within a week of him starting the blends I noticed his behaviours changed, i was so amazed that it was actually working so quickly and helping us deal with our son so much, the longer he is on the blends the better he is. I will admit we do have our days but it’s rare and its more controlled then when he wasn’t on the blends. The blends have helped us so much the paediatrician has said we can cut back on one of his therapist Which is amazing for my son to of achieve And have that time now for him to enjoy what he loves doing.
This is just some great things that the custom made blend has done for my son and family. I could really write pages on how great this stuff has help us so much!!!
so I do want to say thank u again naughty naturopath mum you really Have helped us!!


My blend has made a huge difference to my world. I am sleeping better, my menopause symptoms have nearly disappeared, my thoughts are more balanced and I feel a whole lot better about myself. I have recommended to my friends.

Thank you!!