Child Custom Made Blend
Child Custom Made Blend
Child Custom Made Blend

Child Custom Made Blend

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This Custom Made Blend gives your child a personal blend which we will formulate after you have answered some questions on behalf of your child.

This pack is suitable for children aged 2-18 years of age as the questionnaire will be filled in by the parent.

This is best for children who have specific issues that you would like to address or feel like your child needs all the ready made blends! If you feel your child needs the custom blend as well as a support blend to take on an 'as needed' basis, please see our Child Custom Blend Pack HERE

Your questionnaire link will be e-mailed to you immediately after payment. Once you receive this e-mail, click on the link, fill in your answers and press submit. Please do this ASAP after ordering and please get in touch with us if you haven't received your questionnaire link immediately after placing your order. 

We will then formulate your child's custom blend which will address all the specific issues they are needing help with. This blend works on their constitution and shifting current emotional patterns. 

Give 7 drops of the custom blend every morning (upon waking) and every night (before going to sleep) until the bottle is gone (roughly 3 weeks). This can be given straight in mouth or in some water.

Custom blend will be a mix of 7-9 vibrational flower essences (determined once we have formulated the blend) in a base of distilled water and a trace amount of preservative (Australian neutral cane ethanol)

Customer Reviews

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This is amazing and has helped my son so much. You can definitely notice if he hasn't had it so I know it works.


We are absolutley delighted ot hear that the Custom Blend has assisted your son and you're noticing the difference when he's taking the blend! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

NNM Team xx

Mind BLOWN!!!

We are on day four, DAY FOUR of our custom made blend. This morning I found myself in tears. My 12 year old son has struggled his whole life with behavioural problems, over-thinking, negative self talk, feeling overwhelmed & just day to day happiness. I don’t know how else to put this other than saying it’s like I can literally see the weight of the world lifting from his shoulders. He seems less foggy, more clear & showing genuine happiness. This mornings good morning mum was no longer sluggish and head down, instead it was a bright & loud “Heya Mum”. When I ask how are you feeling, he responded with “I feel happy”. I’m sorry what!! My baby is back!!!!!! We have tried so many different approaches to help. But this, I’ve never seen anything work remotely close to this. I know we are just at the beginning, but what a beautiful start this is.
You guys are a godsend!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We are delighted to hear of happy tears in your household!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this beautiful review of your experience!

NNM Team xx


I'm so glad I came across the custom blend. It has been a game changer for my 15 yr old son. He is more calmer less meltdowns and a lot happier. I cannot thank Naughty Naturopath Mum enough.

Lucrezia, thanks so much for sharing your experience, it is wonderful to hear that your son is benefiting from his customised flower essence formula.

NNM Team xx

Trudi Miles
OMG What a Game Changer!

I was willing to try ANYTHING to help my 2yr old son.
WOW WOW WOW what a game changer! My little boy is so much more calm, and focused on what he needs to do. He is settled for what fills like the first time in his little life.
I also wondered if it was a placebo effect and we were only seeing what we wanted...i was sick in bed for a few day and my husband forgot to give our son his blend....those few days that he didn't have them he reverted back into the poor unhappy and unsettled little boy that he was before we found Naughty Naturopath Mum.
I honestly can not thank you enough for bringing calm to our amazing little boy.

Trudi, what a wonderful review to read. We have happy tears reading this, we are so thankful you and your son are feeling this way. Thank you ever so much for sharing your experience. NNM Team xx

Rhiannon Ferry
Wow wow wow!!

I can not recommend getting a custom blend enough!! Our 4 yr old son has rather prominent developmental delays, aggressive hyperactive behaviour and trouble falling and staying asleep; we were at our wits end when we ordered:( We had tried slow down etc in the past however I don’t think we got it right. This time with the custom blend we have been giving morning and night for about 10 days so far and we have a completely different child!! We did experience the issues worsen for about 5 days as we were warned so we used the help blend throughout the day when needed but stayed committed to the process and now we couldn’t be happier to have our gorgeous little boy living his best life :)

The drops are amazing!!

Thank you thank you thank you!
The drops are amazing!!
I started them with my daughter on Wednesday night... Thursday and Friday she went with the teacher without too much of a struggle but still needed the extra comfort of a supportive hand and lap to sit in... by this morning she happily said goodbye and sat on the mat for the start of her day without needing to hold a teachers hand or sit on their lap So so good!! Thank you sooo much.

This is wonderful to hear, Nicole! We often find that our Custom Made blends are really great to get that 'extra supportive boost' as they're tailored exactly for your little one. Great to know you're seeing results x

suzette m.
cancelling subscription

Her problems are much bigger than what the item could deal with, please do not renew my subscription