Adult Custom Made Blend
Adult Custom Made Blend
Adult Custom Made Blend

Adult Custom Made Blend

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This option is best for people who have specific issues they need to address and almost feel like they need every flower essence blend on this website (very common!) Allowing us to personally formulate which essences you need most right now can start shifting energetic layers quickly.

If you have already had a custom blend made and would like a refill of the same blend then head here instead

Your questionnaire link will be e-mailed to you immediately after payment. Once you receive this e-mail, click on the link, fill in your answers and press submit. Please do this ASAP after ordering and please get in touch with us if you haven't received your questionnaire link immediately after placing your order. 

We can then formulate your personal custom blend which will address all the specific issues you are needing help with. This blend works on your constitution. 

You will take 7 drops of your custom blend every morning (upon waking) and every night (before going to sleep) until the bottle is gone (roughly 3 weeks).

Being on your personal custom blend may release old emotions and it is helpful to have an additional ready made blend to take when this happens. If you would like this option, please have a look at our custom blend pack HERE

The custom blend will be a mix of 7-9 vibrational flower essences (determined once we have formulated the blend) in a base of distilled water and a trace amount of preservative (Australian neutral cane ethanol)

Customer Reviews

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Have a little Faith

Sometimes we come across things that catch our attention, but we file it away for another time. This was one of those products, but I kept coming back to it for some reason so think the universe was saying have a little faith. So now I'm converted, these wonderful little droplets contain my Balance, my Calm, my Focus and so much more. The support and care from the Naughty Naturopath Mum is top level, always there promptly to answer any of my concerns and I have since recommended to friends and family who are struggling to find their balance right now.

Thank you soo much for taking the time to write this review and share your experience. We're delighted that you took the leap of faith and that the flower essences have been of such benefit on your journey xx

Sharon B.
Feeling great!

I am really enjoying the effects of my custom blend. I cannot remember exactly what I asked for, in my questionnaire now, but I am feeling a reduced craving to eat everything in sight! I feel happier and less stressed. I feel really good!
I thought I'd get some bitter, yucky brown liquid to take, but what I got, was almost tasteless and clear.
I am now taking this with 'female' blend and will be buying these two again.

Life changing!

I have a lot of faith in natural medicines so I’m not surprised that it would work. However, I didn’t expect what I actually got. It was more than I ever thought I’d get! After taking this for only a short time and also missing doses. Whoops! I have noticed massive changes. I am calmer. Little things that I used to take to heart just don’t have the same effect. I’ve been on a damn plane!!!! I don’t get car sick. I don’t hyperventilate over minor situations. My bad days are now the same as what my good days used to be. Which looking at now really is no way to live anyway. These drops are giving my life back. Obviously I’ve done a lot of work on myself too but these have been that stepping stone I needed. I’ve tried so many medications over the years and psychiatrists and even other natural remedies and nothing has quite done what this has done for me. I can’t thank you enough for these Alisha xx

Adult custom blend

The drop have made me feel calmer and have more energy then before taking them.

Just for me

So I am 2 weeks into using my custom made blend. Things seem to be going slowly but I am finally starting to see a change. I am more aware of my actions and emotions and try to control them better. Not as effective as I was hoping but I am giving it time. My daughters also got custom blends and I feel the same for theirs. Good things come to those who wait, so not giving up just yet. The other blends have been sooooo helpful and effective. We love our drops!!!!

Customer review

I was a bit skeptical to be honest - but wanted something non-addictive. I had heard of NNM through friends and had been appreciating the helpful info I found so I finally headed for the 'shop' button on the website! I am so glad I did - Alisha was very prompt with my email questions about where to start - and pointed me in the right direction. With a custom blend it took the decisions out of what to take when - and I just used other blends to support as needed. There has definitely been some improvement for me - and my family and I are very grateful!!!! I only wish I had found it sooner!