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Protect Mist

Resilience and Protection

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  • "All around is swirling life while I am protected and tranquil."

    Protect Mist gives you the vibrational shifting power of flower essences combined with the healing potential and therapeutic aroma of essential oils. 

    This is the mist to use around you and in your space if you are a healer, an empath, an introvert, dealing with a lot of people on a daily basis or just need to cleanse a space from the last people or persons energy. Use this one around you before you arrive anywhere with a lot of people or others energy, in a room between clients, classes or visitors or when arriving somewhere new like a new house, work space or hotel room and wanting to cleanse previous energies.

    Perfect for parents, teachers, practitioners, basically anyone who works with the public or within the caring profession and finds their energy is completely drained by the end of the day. 

    Best Used For

    Emotional State: overwhelm, internal anguish, sensitivity to others

    Positive Outcomes: helps regulate your energy intake and output, increase  inner strength, stability and resilience, restoring, take responsibility for healthier boundaries and your own personal space.

    Protect Mist will act as a filter between your energy and others energy so you don't feel so buffeted by the emotions, thoughts and feelings of the people around you.

    For Kids

    Wonderful for little sensitive souls who feel daunted by school, parties or crowds due to feeling all the feels of those around them.

    How To Use

    Gently shake and mist 3-4 sprays into the air above your head and let the mist settle over you. Alternatively, mist 3-4 sprays in front of you and walk through the mist. Can also be used as a room mist to add the flower essence vibrations and beautiful scent to the space you are in.  Spray around the room and into any area that needs an energy shift. Wonderful for your living areas, bedrooms, car, offices, classrooms and workspaces. 

    Works wonderfully in conjunction with taking the Protect flower essence blend 

    Due to the addition of the essential oils, these mists are very different to our flower essence blends so are NOT for oral use. 

  • Ingredients 

    Australian neutral cane ethanol, vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Purple Enamel Orchid, White Spider Orchid, Violet Butterfly, Ursinia, Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid, plant based natural solubiliser, and essential oils of Frankincense, Basil & Rose Geranium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Am really enjoying using my "Protect" mist. Use it in the car on the way to school. It is a great way to start the day for your kids and yourself! We all need "Protect" in our lives.

Eases separation anxiety.

I have been using this on myself and my children before we leave the house. I noticed a big difference in my daughters behaviour at kinder drop off; Normally there’s some clinging to me and “I want you to stay”... since using protect mist she has been much more confident to run off and play with the other kids!

Beautiful Calming

Really does feel like its creating a protection barrier around i feel much calmer and have less anxiety using this mist

Tina N.
Used by the Whole Fam!

Thanks so much, our whole family has started using this Protect spray. The kids for school, with all those different energies around them in close proximity each day and taking on other kids’ problems as their own, this has been a big help. They spray themselves as we leave! The husband has been using it to help with work stress and the energies of stressful colleagues and I use it too, to not take on board other people’s energies in my business, as well as while meditating. 💫Thanks so much, Alisha! 💫

Monique P.
Love it

This mist is the best. Clears energy beautifully and also clears out bad smells.

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