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Fur Baby - Pet Support Flower Essence

Calm & Suppport

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"To look into the eyes of an animal is to look into the eyes of love."

Our pets experience a wide range of emotions, just like we do, and can become anxious and depressed and even act out with anti-social behaviour just like we can! Helping our pets feel calmer and more settled by safely releasing emotions and allowing them to feel more in balance is such an easy thing to do with the help of flower essences. I formulated Fur Baby Pet Support to cover the most common issues our pets can face. This blend can be used on any type of animal.

Best Used For 

Assists With: Feelings associated with past trauma and abuse (great for our rescued pets!) Nerves and fear during travel and visits to the vet/groomer, Loud noises and storms, Help with training of new skills, Loneliness and separation anxiety for pets who are alone during the day, Anti-social behaviour like biting, fighting, incessant barking or digging or just any 'acting out' behaviour!

Positive Outcome: Serenity, Calm, Resilience, Independence, Patience, Mastering new skills

How to Give

7 drops in the mouth twice daily and/or as needed. Can also be added to their water bowl. If your pet weighs less than 10kg, please just use 4 drops twice daily. 

Also available as a mist to spray around your pet or car or any spaces your pet needs calming in. Use in conjunction with the oral blend in our Pet Support Duo Pack


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Pink Fairy Orchid, WA Smokebush, Snake Bush, Balga, Silver Princess, Ribbon Pea, Hairy Yellow Pea, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Deidre Frost
Can't stop now

My 14 year old Jack Russell has gone blind last month, trying to find her way through the house banging into every wall. Since the Fur Baby drops sleeping all night no longer wondering around the house crying getting stuck. Great will keep ordering

Thank you Deirdre, this breaks our heart but also warms it too. We are so grateful that Fur Baby is supporting your jack russell so well. xx

Keely Houghton
Calm after the storm....

We have a beautiful big 5yr old male ridgeback who until now has been on the wrong side of anxious. These drops have honestly made a huge impact! Thank you so much♥️🙏🏼

What a difference

Wow. These drops are amazing. We have 2 fur babies a 4 year old labrador and a 3 year old rescue Jack Russell. We have noticed a huge difference in our both our dogs but especially the rescue Jack russell she is less anxious during storms and actually slept thru the last one we had. Thank you so much

I love Pet Support

I love pet support, it's been great for my cats. They come running in the morning to get their drops. I pop them on a teaspoon with a bit of jello from their wet food before feeding them, and they both lick those spoons clean! Such calm and happy kitties now. And I've been recommending them to anyone who mentions an anxious pet. I'll also mention it to their vet who wanted to put one of my babies on medication... glad I tried this instead

Awesome, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing the positive experience you've had using the Pet Support blend with your fur babies - and for sharing the word x

Eirian McArthur
It really works!

I’ve been giving pet support to my anxious galah that has been picking his feathers. The feathers are growing back and he seems more calmer. Thank you! It really works

Elizabeth (Liz) Phillips
Spoodle alert

My spoodle puppy was either out of control or asleep, mostly the former. Since using the fur baby support he still has boundless energy but is calmer and generally sleeps better.

Terese Kerlin
Hercules has been saved

Hi, I just started my male sausage dog on the pet support last week. He was becoming very nervous and anxious at the older girl sausage dog for the last 2 months.
She needs a big operation at the vet very soon, and he is always licking her teeth and eye, which aren't good.
Now since I have started him on the pet support he has becoming more relaxed with her teeth and eye.
Thanks for pet support.

Hi Terese,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this review through and we wish Hercules all the best for his upcoming operation.

Kind regards
NNM Team

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