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Protect Flower Essence

Resilience & Protection

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"All around is swirling life while I am protected and tranquil."

Do you subconsciously take on the energies of those around you? Have you described yourself or your child as 'sensitive' or an 'empath' before? An empath is someone who easily feels the emotions and energies of other people. Or maybe you class yourself as an introvert because being around others can take its toll sometimes?

Being an empath is a wonderful gift that makes you a very compassionate, understanding and supportive person but often to the point of exhaustion. 

Protect blend helps us protect our own personal energy and space and acts as a filter between your energy and others energy so you don't feel so buffeted by the emotions, thoughts and feelings of the people around you. It's like an energy shield!

Perfect for parents, teachers, practitioners, basically anyone who works with the public or within the caring profession and finds their energy is completely drained by the end of the day. 

This is the blend to take before any big events, outings or going anywhere with crowds and even between seeing clients and customers!

Also comes bundled in our Protect value pack along with Courage and Let it Go Blends which you can find here 

Best Used For 

Emotional State: Overwhelmed, Internal anguish, Sensitivity to others

Positive Outcome: Helps regulate your energy intake and output, Increased inner strength, Stable, Resilient, Restored, Taking responsibility for healthier boundaries and own personal space.

For Kids

Wonderful for little sensitive souls who feel daunted by school, parties or crowds due to feeling all the feelings of those around them.

How to take

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.

Take this blend while imagining a white bubble or energy shield forming around you and you may even want to add the affirmation - "All around is swirling life while I am protected and tranquil."

Works wonderfully in conjunction with the Protect Mist.


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Purple Enamel Orchid, White Spider Orchid, Violet Butterfly, Ursinia, Hybrid Pink Fairy Orchid, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Like I'm Wrapped in Angel Wings

This! I will never be without it. I love all the NNM blends, but Protect is something extra special. I fully identify as a highly sensitive empath so have to carefully curate my environments and where I spend my energy. After severe burnout and not working for a period of time, I have recently returned to work with this baby in my back pocket. I haven't found myself overwhelmed or drained by the end of each day when I use this liquid gold. It has helped me manage the return to a busy role and the routine of life again. I feel so much safer and protected throughout the day. I also use the spray when I need that extra little hit before challenging meetings. I am so grateful for the support the various blends provide me at different times of the day/week, but Protect really is my soul's protection. Thank you so much! x

Hi Steph, what a review! We have to agree with you on this one, Protect is such a special blend and is one that we really love here at NNM as we have some sensitive souls and empaths too. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. xx

What a change to our lives!

Hi Alisha, I hope that you’re well and having a great day.
I just purchased a few products from you. The Protect and the help blends as well as others. I needed something for my three year old as she’d become extremely shy and was limiting her social interactions as the year progressed. You suggested the help and protect blends and we used them twice a day for three weeks, as recommended. After the three weeks I prayed that a difference would be noticed. I was starting to see changes. My little girl was slowly becoming more confident, as she was before. Around a week later, WOW! I can say that she is very much a confident, happy little girl. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM (top, left side, right side) OF MY HEART!!!! Thank you. What a difference. All my love and gratitude <3

Thank you sooo much for letting us know the response you've seen with your daughter. This is just wonderful and heart warming (from the bottom, top, left side and right sides) of our hearts too!

You've made our day here at NNM HQ! Thank you x


I ordered this blend as we have the challenges of grief and loss in our household, to compound this I was affected by everyone’s feelings and was withdrawing. This blend has allowed me to notice others feelings but not get overwhelmed by them. I have more energy for myself and everyone else. Thankyou

Thank you Monique for this wonderful review. Sorry to hear you're having to experience such grief and loss, it's so hard to move through this. Protect really is a wonderful blend to put an invisable shield up around yourself so that you can still be compassionate, but not get bogged down in the emotions of everybody around you. This is a personal favourite of mine. Hayley - NNM Team x

Jessica Snell
Perfect protection

I love the protect blend! I find I’m someone who easily takes on the energy of other people, which can be really draining. So I love this blend which I take almost everyday!! I have a few others that I use too.

Catherine A.
Protect blend

My son has bern using the protect blend for a few weeks now. He has a bit of anxiety and struggles with big groups of people. I believe this blend is starting to help as he is calmer and not as anxious as other times. We will continue to use it and see how things go!

Suzy S.
A little bit of sanity returns to a weary mumma

So I like others was probably sceptical when first strated using the drops. But feeling desperate, I was willing to try.
A year or so on, I am using on a twice daily basis and have only just recently added the protect after sending a mesage and getting some great advise.
My almost 5 year old is very likely ASD and yes these are certainly no cure, but they have certainly given me a small peice of sanity back. With regular twice daily use and a routine, they have helped my little man gain some regulation in his emotions. We have gone from almost 2 hour meltdowns to managing to settle in approx 20 mins.
Yes this hasn't happened overnight and we also have other strategies but these drops are as much of a daily routine as breakfast and teeth brushing! Ha ha...
Mum just has to remember to order before they run out but even if that happens, rest assured they are super quick in reaching us.
Thank you for giving this mumma a little bit of sanity back and being my saviour. xx

Happy children

I bought this for my kids who seem to absorb other people’s emotions on the spot, I give them a few drops whenever we leave the house and for once my children are well behaved out and calm when we get home.

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