Note to Self - Affirmation Cards
Note to Self - Affirmation Cards
Note to Self - Affirmation Cards
Note to Self - Affirmation Cards
Note to Self - Affirmation Cards
Note to Self - Affirmation Cards

Note to Self - Affirmation Cards

52 Affirmation Cards
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These cards are from my heart and I hope that like my flower essences, they become part of your self care routine and remind you every day that you are in charge of looking after yourself, and that your self care regime should be your number one priority. You first, then others.

Simply close your eyes and shuffle the cards until you feel compelled to stop and select either the top card, or one you۪re most drawn to, and that۪s your message for the day.

Pull yourself a card as part of your morning routine to encourage self care right from the start of your day. Or pull a card when feeling flat, deflated or overwhelmed etc, to see what message you need to take care of yourself.

Deck contains 52 affirmation cards. Beautiful affirmations on the front with more explanation on the back of the cards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

These cards are my absolute favourite from all that I have purchased.
They are so bright and colourful, I wish I had found these ones first.
Perfect for yourself or they would make a beautiful gift for someone

Awesome Nicole!! We love them too - we have a deck in the office and they always brighten our day x

Vanessa Whittall

beautiful cards helps me every day and is building me up bit by bit

Gorgeous, thank you and may you shine brighter each day

Debra F.


Emily E.
Note to self affirmation cards

With all of the chaos in the outside world at the moment, I rely on these cards more than ever to help keep my inside world on an even keel.

Thank you Emily, what a lovely way to keep yourself grounded right now. xx

Angela S.
Daily Affirmation

So far I have experienced 10 days of daily affirmations which have been a great way to start my day. It's also been useful for my children. I love the convenience and the bright colours!

Janine B.
Note To Self cards

Absolutely love using these cards, for daily affirmation, for inspiration for my family members, and my 13 yr old has taken to choosing one every couple of days and chalk writing it on her mirror/window, thank you, they are beautiful 💕

L W.
Affirmation cards

Fantastic positive reminders. Then I got some more for gifts for friends!