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All About Mum Pack

Regular price $88.95

Pack Contains:
1 x Mumma Magic - Mother of all Blends
1 x Mumma Mojo Blend
1 x Australian Bush Flower Essence - Woman's Daily Moisturiser (Body Love System)
1 x Australian Bush Flower Essence - Woman's Skin & Space Mist

All About Mum is a comprehensive pack containing products which contains essences for self love and hormonal balance needed by every mum!

Mumma Magic Mother of all Blends These drops are to help all mums, they encompass and help with everything a mum feels in her motherhood journey. This is a fabulous blend to take as a new mum and also if you have been a mum for years. This blend contains essences for feeling overwhelmed, worry, guilt, anxiety, fear, creating more inner calm, working on perfectionist tendencies, increasing self confidence, self love, life direction and purpose and the weight of responsibility felt as primary care giver.

Mumma Mojo For women, our libido is mostly determined by how we feel about ourselves. This changes constantly over the years due to having babies, changes in our bodies, lack of time for self care and plain old exhaustion and lack of sleep. This blend is to nurture the woman۪s sexuality by building confidence, self esteem and appreciation and love of her physical form. It also contains essences to let go of expectations and inhibitions that can sometimes mar the sexual experience as well as essences for balancing the reproductive hormones. There is also an essence for energy in there!

Woman Skin & Space Mist A gentle and exotic deeply feminine mist, to rebalance a woman۪s emotional energies. This is a wonderfully nurturing formulation to pamper, cleanse and tone your skin with a unique blend of botanicals, exquisite oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Woman Daily Moisturiser Is a blend of the most exquisite essential oils, beautifully nurturing botanical butters, herbs and skin rebalancing Australian Bush Flower Essences. It encourages a woman۪s own innate strength and beauty through life۪s emotional cycles and seasons of change.

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