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Help! Blend

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  • "Because sometimes we need all the help we can get!"

    This flower essence blend can help centre and bring you back to your body when your energy is scattered due to shock, panic, fear, distress and feeling stressed.

    It can be taken as often as needed and at 10 minute intervals until strength and calm is restored.

    Kids: Great for night waking, nightmares, night terrors, fear, after accidents etc. This blend helps the whole family!  When giving to children, make sure you take some yourself at the same time as children are very sensitive to the energies of their parents. It assists in calming down both of you at the same time.

    Dosage for all ages (and pets) - 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.

    Emotional State: ۢ Panic ۢ Distress ۢ Fear

    Positive Outcomes: ۢ Ability to cope ۢ Comfort, reassurance and courage.

  • Ingredients: Violet Butterfly, Cowkicks, Fuchsia Gum, Ribbon Pea, Reed Triggerplant, Water, Ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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