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Slow Down Flower Essence

Clarity & Calm

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"The path to health starts with slowing down"

This flower essence blend helps people who are always over-committed with no time for themselves. Great for feelings of impatience, rushing, worry, mind chatter, irritability and scattered, erratic type behaviour. Positive outcome for taking this blend is relaxation, more clarity, calm and inner-peace.

Best Used For 

Emotional State: Always over committed, No time for self, Impatience, Rushing, Worry, Mind chatter, Irritability, Scattered, Erratic type behaviour, Anxiousness

Positive Outcomes: Encourages own time and space to wind down, Relax and have fun, Clarity, Calmness and peace.

Works wonderfully in conjunction with using the Slow Down Mist.

For Kids

Great for scattered and erratic behaviour, helps to settle and allow them to unwind after stimulating activities. Great before and after birthday parties, before school, play dates, meeting new people or whenever they need to have some chill-out time!

How to take

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Brown Boronia, Pink Fairy Orchid, Rose Cone Flower, Hairy Yellow Pea, White Nymph Waterlily, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Calm at last

I bought several products to try help me half way through NSW lockdown and home-schooling. Im a mum of 4 and remote learning was getting to the better of them and myself.
I wasn't consistent to begin with but 1 weekend I gave my children slow down and let it go regular, twice a day(sometimes more of needed). By Monday morning I actually had them happy to sit and listen to their teachers over zoom. Such a life saver!
I also made myself have Mumma Magic and help....and when this went pear shaped i felt I could actually cope without getting frustrated at the children. We still have small meltdowns but they don't last half as long.
The best thing I've come across and I have lots of products....(Male works awesome on keeping hubby calm too)
Thankyou Naughty Naturopath days are worth living again...


I have woken up every day for years feeling as though I hadn't slept.
I tried the slow down drops almost in desperation. They have slowed the constant barrage of thoughts especially at night. I have since added the sweet dreams. The combination of the two help me fall asleep and stay asleep.
I sleep better, wake more refreshed and have more energy. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you

Hi Fiona, this makes us so happy! What an amazing experience to have with the blends, we do get such wonderful feedback on both Slow Down & Sweet Dreams. So happy that your sleep is far more restful now. xx

Another God send

Bought for the grandkids and I believe the afternoons are a lot less stressful for the mum now!

This is just fabulous to hear, Julie! We imagine mum might be thinking of you as a God send of a grandparent too! x


I bought slow down having read the brochure and thought why not. I’m so glad I did. This has helped me forget about my work day, refocus on what’s important and get things done. I recently bought another one of this - so glad I did. I don’t know how I’d get through Sydney’s lockdown without it! Thankyou!

Hi Rachel, it brings us so much joy reading this review. We are so grateful that Slow Down has been in your lockdown toolkit - we all know how much more support we need trying to get through these times. Well done on taking the plunge to look after you more - Slow Down is definitely a firm favourite amongst many customers. x

So much help

We are on our second bottle now, which we pair with the help blend and I can’t recommend them both enough! My husband and I have have both seen a huge shift in our 3 year old when it comes to his emotions and regulating when he’s having a moment. He is so much more calm and happy and isn’t easily upset by things that usually really get to him. Hands down one of the best decisions we have made was to try the blends. Thankyou! ♥️


Thank you so much for sharing your experience - it is so great that both your husband and yourself have been noticing the difference. Help is such a wonderful combination with Slow Down and great to see it's working for your son x

Magic Drops

I recently purchased the Help blend and the Slow Down blend for my 14 year old son who has had tics for the last 4 and a half years. There is no quick fix for this condition and medication can be hit or miss. My son felt some relief almost instantly and after a couple of days using the drops, morning and night, has noticed a vast improvement in his ticking. We now don't go a day without using them. We also tried the help mist but he wasn't keen on the smell. I now use this for my other 2 children to help settle when they get a little stressed. Thank you Naughty Naturopath Mum! x

Hi Rebecka, this is an amazing outcome - thank you for sharing. The Help & Slow Down blends are one of our favourite combinations and we are delighted to hear that they've helped your son! x

Happy Mum

So we have been using this blend for the last few weeks in the afternoons after school to settle our kids , especially helpful in calming our daughter who has ADHD (non medicated ) she loves them and is the one who reminds us to give them to her.
It really does help her to think before she overreacts ... our afternoons are definitely less stressful!💕

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