Fussy Eater Pack
Fussy Eater Pack
Fussy Eater Pack

Fussy Eater Pack

Meal Time Support
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Fussy Eater Pack contains the three flower essence blends most used and needed for a home with children who are picky about what they eat.

Help, Slow Down and Fussy Eaters will assist in bringing some peace and ease to meal times and help children to try new foods. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction when you know your child is eating well, it can be so hard as a parent to watch your kids not want to eat new things, no matter how hard you try!

If you're at your wit's end, or know you're about to be...then it's definitely time to try this Fussy Eater pack! This pack helps shift and support the emotions your child is feeling that may be preventing them from wanting to try new foods as well as provide you with other emotional support blends for other tricky times!

Fussy Eaters  Helps to open the fussy eater up to new experiences,  makes mealtime easier by reducing overwhelm and worry 

Help  Assists with balancing and centering and great to use if there is fear going on

Slow Down  Great to use when there is distraction or hyperactivity, allows the mind to slow down enough to concentrate on mealtime and eating their food

Use Fussy Eaters and Slow Down twice daily morning and night and Help blend on an as needed basis. Dosage is 7 drops for ages 2 and up and can be taken straight in the mouth or in some water or juice.

Fussy Eaters

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Blue China Orchid, Dampiera, Pincushion Hakea, Golden Waitsia, Star of Bethlehem, White Eremophila, Yellow Leschenaultia, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Violet Butterfly, Cowkicks, Fuchsia Gum, Ribbon Pea, Reed Triggerplant, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Slow Down

Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Brown Boronia, Pink Fairy Orchid, Rose Cone Flower, Hairy Yellow Pea, White Nymph Waterlily, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I purchased this back in December as my 4yo is insanely selective about foods and when trying to get her to even try something new was meltdown worthy!

I can honestly say that this has changed her way of eating!

She has almost doubled her food choices and will try almost anything without a meltdown and without negotiating! She may not like everything that she tries but she is willing to try it!

Skye, it is wonderful to hear that the blends in the Fussy Eater Pack have changed your daughter's way of eating for the better! Thanks so much for sharing x

Chloe F.
Fussy Eater Pack

This is my second lot of fussy eaters and I can’t fault it. I have two boys aged two and four and they are slowly trying new things and eating a lot more. The slow down blend is amazing and my four year old asks for the Help blend every tome he’s feeling frustrated or having a meltdown. I will definitely continue to purchase these for my kids!

Eating more!

So.. starting as a sceptic but desperate for any change in my daughters eating habits I purchased the "fussy eater" blend.
And can say I have been impressed with her desire for more food! She hasn't changed her tastes but is wanting more of her current foods.
Will continue to use the product and am delighted with how it is going.

Cassandra C.
So far it is going

So far it is going ok. I haven’t seen much improvement in my boys trying new foods but they are feeling more hungry and wanting more of what they usually eat.

Nothing short of amazing!

I recently ordered Slow Down, Help and Fussy Eaters. My original plan was to use them for my 4.5yr old son however I started using Slow Down and Help for myself. I work in welfare in what can be a stressful position where people's emotions, anger and frustrations can boil over and I'm at the forefront of deescalating situations and problem solving. I've also separated from my partner of 8yrs, selling a house and juggling care arrangements of our little boy. Just when I thought things in check, I realised the smallest of things would set me on edge, I'd be emotional, couldn't get to sleep and couldn't switch off....in stepped Help and Slow Down! Not only have they helped me to calm my emotions, think clearly and sleep better but I have found my patience again to be a better mum!!
Oh and the 4.5yr old hasn't even realised the fussy eater blend is in his water morning and afternoon and is trying more foods. He's gone from eating corn and chips as vegetables to trying pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, mashed potato. Add in the new fruits he is willing to try and we're on a winner!

Nicole S.
Calm at the dinner table

Hi I love this pack it has restored calm at dinner time! The children love the drops and ask for them each night. Still have a few foods that they don't like but will at least try now which is fantastic. Thanks for the magic potions!

Bree H.
Kids are so happy to take them as practically tasteless

Not really noticing a difference just yet. Using twice a day but the kids are happy enough to take the drops and have them either straight into their mouth or mixed in their drink. Going to continue using to see if I can notice any changes.