Fur Baby Duo Pack
Fur Baby Duo Pack
Fur Baby Duo Pack

Fur Baby Duo Pack

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"To look into the eyes of an animal is to look into the eyes of love."

Save 10% when buying these products as a duo. Our pets experience a wide range of emotions, just like we do, and can become upset and skittish and even act out with anti-social behaviour just like we can! Helping our pets feel soothed and more settled by safely releasing emotions and allowing them to feel more in balance is such an easy thing to do with the help of flower essences. I formulated Fur Baby Pet Support to cover the most common issues our pets can face. This blend and mist can be used on any type of animal.

Assists With: Feelings associated with past trauma and abuse (great for our rescued pets!) Nerves and fear during travel and visits to the vet/groomer, Loud noises and storms, Help with training of new skills, Loneliness and separation difficulties for pets who are alone during the day, Anti-social behaviour like biting, fighting, incessant barking or digging or just any 'acting out' behaviour!

Positive Outcome: Serenity, Resilience, Independence, Patience, Mastering new skills

Blend: 7 drops in the mouth twice daily and/or as needed. Can also be added to their water bowl. If your pet weighs less than 10kg, please just use 4 drops twice daily. 

Mist: to spray around your pet or car or any spaces your pet needs soothing in. Using this mist around your pet, will help them feel soothed and more settled. Use as needed.

Fur Baby Pet Support Blend: Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Pink Fairy Orchid, WA Smokebush, Snake Bush, Balga, Silver Princess, Ribbon Pea, Hairy Yellow Pea, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

Fur Baby Mist: Purified water, Australian neutral cane ethanol, plant based natural solubiliser, Australian wild flower essences of Pink Fairy Orchid, WA Smokebush, Snake Bush, Balga, Silver Princess, Ribbon Pea, Hairy Yellow Pea and essential oil of Lavender.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jodie Siggers
Better than any petshop or vet calming help

I used this for our other doggie and it worked so well for her... Now I use it on our 7mth shepherded, and what a difference, I have the spray this time too which has been handy to use as I spray it on her in the morning before she wakes (which is a crazy time for her) and it takes the edge off. She is a lot calmer and so nice not to be bitten on the ankles walking around the house...

Jodie, it's wonderful to hear that your fur-family have been able to benefit from this duo pack!
NNM Team xx

Cathy Scott
Calm fur baby now.

I purchased this product for my over the top 7mth old pup who was so excitable to the point that drugs from the vet didn't calm him down, now he is calmer than he was I did wonder how I was going to give them to him being so excitable he absolutely loves these drops he opens his mouth and literally socks the drops and licks the dropper clean. With the spray I use that in the car (he does love the car but this keeps him calm that now he lays down on the seat) I also use it when we go to dog training and it takes the edge off. Very happy with this purchase I will be looking at some for myself.
Thank you for your lovely product and the packaging fir delivery was amazing.

Hi Cathy,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with your (gorgeous sounding) pup! We're so glad to her the pack has been of benefit and so easy to use!

NNM Team xx

Stella settles down

Stella is a very excitable Dalmatian, and can get anxious when her pack (us) is not with her. My daughter suggested these drops. I didn’t really expect much, but I am amazed! We started the drops 6 days ago, and used the mist for the first time on Sunday at junior footy. She still enjoyed chatting to everyone but then actually sat down beside us and watched the world go by - the difference was staggering, and so much more pleasant for us and her. Thank you.