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Complete Chakra Balance Pack

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  • I am in Balance. My physical, emotional and energetic bodies are harmoniously aligned

    Using all 7 chakra flower essence blends over a period of time will really enhance and balance your whole chakra system creating more health and harmony in your energetic, physical and emotional bodies.

    The pack of 7 chakra balance blends is designed to be used as a full chakra balance kit and is more affordable than buying one blend at a time. I suggest starting with the root chakra first (Grounding) and use that bottle until completed and then move on to the sacral chakra blend and so on in an ascending order.

    Using each blend morning and night, one after the other until all completed will provide you with 21 weeks of energetic balance. Another way to use this kit is to just use each blend as you feel you need it. You may want to start with heart chakra blend, for example, and then you may feel drawn to another one after a while and not in any particular order. This is perfectly fine and will also be extremely beneficial to use them on an intuitive basis.

    Buying the pack of 7 will save you $33!! And it comes in a lovely box, what a perfect set, a gift for yourself or someone you love!

    Dosage for all ages - 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily and/or as needed.
  • Bliss

    Ingredients: Macrozamia, Goddess Grasstree, Balga, Urchin Dryandra, Red Leschenaultia, Pink Everlasting, Mauve Melaleuca, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: Pink Impatiens, Happy Wanderer, Starts Spider Orchid, Snake Vine, Reed Triggerplant, Menzies Banksia, Geraldton Wax, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: WA Smokebush, Pink Fountain Triggerplant, Pink Trumpet Flower, Illyarrie, Ribbon Pea, Purple Enamel Orchid, Many Headed Dryandra, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: Yellow Leschenaultia, One Sided Bottlebrush, Wattle, Ursinia, Swan River Myrtle, Star of Bethlehem, Southern Cross, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: Donkey Orchid, Purple Nymph Waterlily, Violet Butterfly, Snake Bush, Rose Cone Flower, Purple Eremophila, Pixie Mops, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: Shy Blue Orchid, White Nymph Waterlily, Spirit Faces, Southern Cross, Pale Sundew, Blue Leschenaultia, Pincusion Hakea, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).


    Ingredients: Catspaw, Fuchsia Grevillea, Orange Spiked Pea, Veronica, Purple & Red Kangaroo Paw, Swan River Myrtle, Balga, water, ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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