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Calm Kids Pack

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  • The essential 4 flower essence blends for a calm household and calm kiddies!

    The blends that I have picked out for this pack are the four most commonly used blends I use for my kids when things start to go a bit haywire! They cover so many situations, like helping them relax and unwind, soothing and reassuring them, getting them to bed easier as well as something on hand for fear, nightmares, night terrors and anything else that has shaken them up.

    I can't recommend these blends enough if it's a calmer household you are after. And remember, they work just as well on us adults and I find that taking them at the same time as my kids, help us all calm down!

    Sweet Dreams blend to help your child unwind for a more peaceful night and sweet dreams. Make bedtime easier on everyone!
    Tantrum Tamer This blend calms, soothes and reassures when your child feels something building. Also use preemptively twice daily for less melt downs and for emotions surrounding any separation difficulties between you and your child.
    Help Blend For all manner of things - fear, worry, shock, sadness, grief. Give after any tantrums, nightmares, night terrors, night waking or distress.
    Slow Down Blend For helping calm and settle, great for emotional support of scattered thinking and erratic behaviours and busy kids that need help winding down. Great for over-stimulation or hyperactivity.

    For more detailed info you can check out my blog 5 Tips for Calmer Kids! Buying as a pack saves you $9.85 in 30ml size and $13.85 in 50ml size bottles.

    Dosage for all ages - 7 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water twice daily. Use 1-2 blends (the ones you think are most important at the time) in this way and then use the others on an 'as needed' basis. You can even put a dose in the drink bottle for during the day.
  • Help

    Ingredients: Violet Butterfly, Cowkicks, Fuchsia Gum, Ribbon Pea, Reed Triggerplant, Water, Ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

    Slow Down

    Ingredients: Brown Boronia, Pink Fairy Orchid, Rose Cone Flower, Hairy Yellow Pea, White Nymph Waterlily, Water, Ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

    Sweet Dreams

    Ingredients: Brown Boronia, Hops Bush, Yellow Boronia, Golden Waitsia, Happy Wanderer, Water, Ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

    Tantrum Tamer

    Ingredients: Orange Spiked Pea, Hybrid Pink Fairy/Cowslip Orchid, Purple Flag Flower, Fringed Lily Twiner, Cowslip Orchid, Water, Ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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