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Product image 3Adult Custom Made Blend Pack

Adult Custom Made Blend Pack

Highly Recommended

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This pack gives you a custom blend which we will formulate after you have answered a questionnaire. You will also receive a ready made blend that we will determine for you.

This is best for people who have specific issues they need to address and almost feel like they need every flower essence blend on this website (very common!) Allowing us to personally formulate which essences you need most right now can start shifting energetic layers quickly.

What Happens When I Order?

Your questionnaire link will be e-mailed to you immediately after payment. Once you receive this e-mail, click on the link, fill in your answers and press submit.

We can then formulate your personal custom blend which will address all the specific issues you are needing help with. This is the blend which works on your constitution. 

What's in the Pack?

Along with your custom blend, you will also receive a ready made blend which you will take as often as needed throughout the day or night. We will determine which one is most appropriate after reading your answers. This acts like an immediate help for what you are struggling most with right now. You can۪'t overdo these drops and I urge you to take it whenever you think you need to.

How To Take

You will take 7 drops of your custom blend every morning (upon waking) and every night (before going to sleep) until the bottle is gone (roughly 3 weeks).

Being on your personal custom blend may release old emotions and it is helpful to have your ready made blend to take when this happens. These blends can often help you deal with what comes up at the time. You will keep this one in your bag or have handy to take as needed. If you find you are not needing to take this one at any point in the day, take twice daily alongside your custom blend.


The custom blend will be a mix of 7-9 vibrational flower essences (determined once we have formulated the blend) in a base of distilled water and a trace amount of preservative (Australian neutral cane ethanol)

Ready made blend will be a mix of 5 vibrational flower essences (determined once we read your questionnaire) in a base of distilled water and a trace amount of preservative (Australian neutral cane ethanol)


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michele Nash
What a difference a custom blend makes!

I received my custom blend duo pack on the 7th October and I write this review with great enthusiasm on the 20th of the same month. Alisha recommended journaling throughout the experience which was a great idea. My challenge revolves around self worth especially in business and I noticed a marked difference in my attitude 7 days in! Besides feeling a heightened level of self confidence that I certainly did not possess prior to starting, I am sleeping better, more focussed, and certainly more motivated. My custom blend was teamed with the “self love” blend and I follow the instructions that were sent. Thank you Alisha! What a difference a custom blend makes. I am looking forward to seeing further self awareness unfold! I highly recommend this company with my gratitude

Hi Michelle,
This is wonderful to hear and we are so pleased that your custom blend and Self Love blend is benefiting you in this way. Keep up the journaling! Alisha x

Was not expecting this

Day 2 or 3 I remember looking at the clock 12 midday thinking how did I get so much done already and why do I feel so good? I just felt calm and clear no stop starting a million things and getting nowhere. I just calmly got things done in what was a very hectic time work wise.

This is so wonderful to hear Bec, thank you for trusting in us to make your custom blend! We look forward to hearing more about your custom journey. xx

Worth it

I purchased this for my son and have observed the changes in his over all mood and the increased ability to deal with the past and to accept himself. I loved that you were able to make a blend that would help with his specific needs.

Diane L.
Amazing service

Wonderful service and fantastic products.
Thank you

Kate Crilley
Custom Blend - amazing!

This is the first time I have purchased from Naughty Naturopath Mum and wow what an amazing experience! I wanted help to shift a lot of blocked emotional trauma from my childhood and to help with PTSD and the "poor me" victim mentality that I felt was holding me back in life. It has been a 2 week roller coaster ride (which was what I expected) and it started as soon as I began taking the drops which arrived very quickly I might add! I had a lot of experiences come up and actual moments in time that I could now actually acknowledge, and feel, and shift. There was a lot of grief and even rage which was quite confronting but I was so ready to let go of it! So I just rode it out as I know you have to feel it to heal it! I have been telling everyone about your wonderful flower essences and I can't wait to try a couple more for my son and husband. Thank you so much for helping me and facilitating these really difficult emotional release it really amazed me how much came up. I now feel more free and more me!

Oh Kate, we are so so elated to read your review. Good on you for taking the power to want to heal xxx

Tina S.

I’ve used a few different essences now and I recently got in touch with Alisha to have a custom blend made up. I felt there were still parts of me that felt stuck I wanted to unblock that energy. Wow what a difference taking my blend has made. Before taking the blend I was feeling quite anxious low self esteem. Within 2 weeks my anxiety has disappeared while I still don’t feel I can conquer the world I’m certainly feeling a lot more positive loving towards myself. I’ll definitely be reordering my blend. Thank you so much Alisha.

Em P.
A breath of fresh air

It has been great to start this new blend. I am finding the fits nicely into my daily routine and the benefits on my emotional and mental well-being is extensive.

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