Viral Pasta!

If you have a social media account - you will have seen the feta cheese pasta video right? It's now been nicknamed viral pasta and for good reason, it went off like a frog in a sock and I jumped on the bandwagon too. I've made it twice for my family and they loved it. 

I just thought the usual way I saw it being made with tomatoes, basil and the feta was a tad boring and lacking in greens so I made my own version and popped it on insta and had quite a few people asking for the recipe so here it is! 

I also added some chorizo for the meat lovers in my family which of course is completely optional but I think it added the very tasty WOW factor to this dish. It was gobbled up by all 4 of us and due to how easy it is, is going on the permanent dinner roster!

Viral Pasta

Feeds 4-6 (depending on how much pasta you use!)


600gr baby roma tomatoes

1 Large brown onion (medium diced)

1 Large zuchinni (medium diced)

1 Large head of broccoli (cut into small florets and medium dice the stalk)

200gr of chorizo (diced) - optional (I use Miguel Maestro brand as it's free range)

180 gr feta (I use Lemnos Organic)

5 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced)

salt, pepper, dried oregano and EVOO to taste

300 - 500 gr of penne or spiral pasta (I use a gluten free penne pasta by Buontempo)


Heat your oven to 180 degrees

Put tomatoes, garlic, onion, zucchini, broccoli and chorizo in a large baking tray and stir them all up.

Put the block of feta (left whole) in the middle of the other ingredients in baking tray

Drizzle a generous amount of EVOO over everything and sprinkle with dried oregano, salt and pepper to taste

Pop it in the oven for around 45 mins

While that's in the oven, bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and cook your pasta until al dente

Drain pasta (and rinse in hot water if you like to de-starch as much as possible like I do!) and set aside

Once your feta cheese baking tray comes out stir through the melted cheese through all your other ingredients so it's a nice big gooey mess

Pour your cooked pasta into the baking tray and stir it all through

Serve as is or topped with some fresh herbs


Guaranteed to be a family favourite and cooked often due to the easy peasy factor!

Yours in Health,


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