Lazy Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

I call this Lazy Chicken to entice you to make your evenings a bit lazier. 

My afternoons and nights on slow cooker days are incredibly beautiful. A bit of foresight and preparation around lunchtime has me doing bath time and play time later on with a massive smile on my face and waaaay more patience for my kids. This is such a simple meal (I mean all slow cooker meals are pretty bloody easy!) but I felt like I didn't have to think too much about having all of these ingredients on hand. 

Slow Cooker Beef Cheek Curry

Ok, no muss, no fuss, I'm getting this blog done as quickly as I can after all the interest expressed in this recipe.

Too Easy Chicken Curry

I call this dish 'Too Easy Chicken Curry' because the easy peasy factor of this recipe is almost funny.

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