When You Just Feel Like Running Away....

I am running away this weekend thanks to my amazing husband. He actually offered to have the kids by himself all weekend as he could see I have been struggling. I have been yelling at the kids, not sleeping well (even when I have the chance to sleep) and feeling that wired, tense feeling.

This is called stress and physiologically your body is pumping out too much adrenalin and cortisol (you are remaining in the flight or fight response) and mentally, you are a mess.

You cry at the drop of a hat, feel irrationally angry, snap at people you love, forget things, want to crawl under a doona and hide for a year or maybe have some full blown adult tantrums (I like to call these mini-meltdowns).

Yes. This is what we call stress and it's often a build up of many things and all it takes is one thing to tip you over the edge.

Some weeks and months are harder than others and when it piles up, the natural reaction is to shut down somehow.

Just like a computer needing a reboot, we need this so much. Often we can't just shut down as there is too much to keep doing so we shut down in other ways.

We become less communicative with our partners and friends, we might zone out in front of a TV series so we don't have to think (hello Netflix!) or spend too much time online, we might drink too much wine, we might eat when we aren't even hungry, we might do anything that acts like a 'numbing' of the mind.

This is all perfectly normal behaviour as we have become 'overloaded' and are seeking some balance. But it doesn't mean that these behaviours are good for us.

We might be distancing ourselves and harming our relationships by not communicating as much, we might be having too much screen time which can impact our sleep and compound our stress levels as important jobs fall by the wayside, we may be eating and drinking too much or the wrong types of foods and drinks because our comfort foods and beverages might not be very nutritious and are overloading our liver.

So what do we do?

Well first of all, remember that a bit of zoning out won't be bad for us! We are human and sometimes we are going to need to use that easier 'off switch' whichever that may be. I think in small amounts, that's ok as long as it's balanced by the healthy ways of 'switching off.'

Meditation, bubble baths with epsom salts and relaxing oils, a good book to read now and then, mindful cooking, sitting in the sun and being aware of our breath for just five minutes a day, taking time out for yourself whenever you need it and catching up on sleep or talking to someone you really connect with. Grab a massage, do a yoga class, get a pedicure, do a workout of some sort listening to music you love. 

If we keep these activities up, we won't need to zone out as much with our other 'off switches'

And removing yourself from the environment you have been stressed in, even for a little while is a good idea. Even if it's just for a day. Take a mini break and you will feel 100% better. I know not everyone has a partner that offers to have the kids while you go and reboot by yourself for a couple of nights but any time you feel yourself slipping into that constant 'wired' feeling, you will be doing everyone a favour by asking for help from anywhere you can.


You aren't good to anyone if you remain this way, so treat the warning signs of stress just as you would treat the warnings signs of any physical illness and do something about it!

Because it's the SAME thing!

It's just that we have not learnt to treat our soul as well as we treat our body.

In the meantime, pick two or three healthy zone-out activities to fit into your day and do them every day, as prevention is always the key!

The flower essence blends that help me most when I get like this are the Help and Slow Down blends and if you have any stress in your life (hahaha - who would say no here?) these are the ones you need to have on hand. 

Take Help whenever you are feeling anxious, stressed or upset and this will bring you back into your body and help you feel calmer.

Use Slow Down Blend before you go to bed or anytime you notice your mind racing and this blend will help you switch off a bit and create more inner calm.

Both these blends can be used every 10 minutes until you notice a shift in how you are feeling. Grab these HERE

I truly hope you feel less alone after reading this post and I hope even more that you will take some action if and when you are feeling like running away yourself.

Yours in health,

 Alisha x

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