The Toddler Years

As amazing as they were, I found the toddler years in my household to be tough years. I had two children very close together (15 months apart) and it was messy, struggle-filled, light-filled and heart-burstingly amazing all at once.

This poem was something that helped me express my feelings about that time and I hope it resonates with some of my dear readers.

The Toddler Years

I must remember to take a deep breath
I must remember to not rush your steps
These are the toddler years and I must let you stumble
These are the years teaching me to be humble
I must remember not to care about the size of my thighs
They are there for you to cling to and for you to hide behind
I will always be your shelter and your home
I will be there for every cry, squeal and moan
I must remember that these years will too quickly pass
I must remember the feel of your special grasp
Your small hands, sticky and warm in mine
Those looks you give me that renew me every time....
I must remember that you won't always need me to cut up your food
I must remember to tell you what's polite and rude
I will always be your second heart and voice
I will always guide you on the path that gives you choice

I must remember that you are not mine,
I must remember that there will come a time....
Where you will leave what you know to discover your truth
When you will find what is out there without me finding it for you
I must remember that I will never be far away
I love the gift I get each morning by meeting who you are today
I must remember to not rush these precious toddler years
Thankyou for all my learnings, laughter, hugs and tears
For you, my sweethearts, are my greatest loves, my proudest moments, my biggest joys,
You are worth all the chaos, the spills and noise
I love you dear ones and will always be
Waiting for you as a hug, a kiss, a memory....

Love, your mum xx


This post is lovingly dedicated to Arwen and Sam

If you are in the midst of the toddler years, please check out my Fussy Eater Pack for some emotional support for you and your kids.

Yours in health,

Alisha x


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