The Story of Adele and the Squashed Banana


March 10, 2017

What a week it's been! I don't know about you but I even threw an overripe banana!


Let me go back a little....


My kids had time off school last week as they both got a cold. It meant that my week started to look very different from what I had planned...but us mums should be used to that by now shouldn't we? Well this mum still needs a little help in flexibility and letting go of preconceived thoughts (Yes, I have been taking my Let it Go blend a lot this past week!) and by the weekend I was fried. No yoga or aqua classes to keep me sane, a huge work week and many snotty tissues... like everywhere! By Saturday morning when I woke up and found my husband missing (gone for an early morning bike ride) and my visions of a morning off from getting the kids their brekkie and maybe even having a nice SOLO walk started to fade....

I was so pent up from the week that was that as I passed by the fruit bowl and spotted an overripe banana, I saw my hand reach out and pick it up and almost like I wasn't even in my body anymore or without knowing what I was going to do with it... I threw that banana.

Yes. I. Did. It was the day that will forever be known as the squashed banana and Adele day.

So I now I need to explain some more...

My brain was fried, I had lost my smile and my usual get up and go and felt utterly miserable simply because my needs were not getting met.

I wanted to yell and I wanted to flee.

The yelling did happen (sorry kids) and the fleeing did too...but in the most amazing way...

I had turned my phone off because #notcoping and once hubby was home from his bike ride, coffee stop, garage sale (let it go Alisha, let it go) we had to get to Bunnings to get a few things for a staff bathroom/laundry renovation we had going on. So I wearily got in the car with happy, whistling, smiling hubby and two cray cray kids and got things done (under silent protest) and then I thought I would get the kids some sushi for lunch which is where the magic started to happen.

I'm on the line to pay and look up to see my good friend who looks at me totally agog and yells 'Alisha! Why haven't you returned my text or calls!?" I tell her my phone is off because #notcoping and she then tells me she has been trying to get in touch to see if I wanted to go to Adele with her tonight? Would I??

Ummmm yes. Yes please.  

 A week ago my mum tells me she was gifted a free ticket to see Adele and I was happy for her but also a little jealous.

On Friday my lovely staff member comes into work and tells me she was just gifted a ticket to Adele and I was happy for her but also a little jealous.

Then this day, the day of the thrown overripe banana, the day of me feeling like I couldn't be in my house for much longer, the day of the first Adele concert in Brisbane, I am asked to go.

Imagine if she'd moved on to ask another friend because my phone was off and I wasn't getting back to her!!?? I guess when the universe wants to help you, it helps you in all the ways it possibly can!

So I went to that concert. I drank too much wine, I sang at the top of my lungs, I cried a little with sheer amazement at the beauty of that voice, the beauty of all the women as far as the eye could see all mesmerised by the goddess on the stage, the beauty of my friend and saviour sitting next to me and the beauty of a life that keeps surprising me with every day. It was so, so glorious and it was such a tonic.

I didn't get home until midnight and then got maybe 4 hours sleep so thought I would be rubbish the next day from fatigue and #toomuchwine but it was the most productive day I've had in ages. I cleaned, I read with the kids, I prepared and cooked lots of food, I went for a swim, I felt good.

I had just needed a release. And even though I was tired and a little dusty, I felt the best I had in a while.

I just wanted to share this for all the fellow women out there who get so used to not having their wants and needs met....and then start to feel really crap for it. That stuff builds up you know?  You need an outlet so find it with your exercise, dancing in the living room, your girlfriends, a big deep and meaningful with someone who gets it, having a good cry or whatever helps move that energy through you because then you might not have to throw overripe fruit.

It might even make it's way into a cake instead of creating more cleaning up for yourself 😉


Yours in Health,


Alisha x

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