An Ode to Mothers

A woman knows she's become a mother at many turning points:

Two pink strips on a stick.

The adoption agency saying yes.

The foster kids finding a safe home with you.

The flickering shadow on a grainy black and white screen. A voice tells you that is the heart beating of someone you are yet to meet (what is that? A seahorse? A fossil? A baby dinosaur? A jelly bean?)

The first kick.

The first time you make a decision on behalf of someone else.

The first realisation that nothing will ever be the same again.

Then the Water Breaks.

You didn't realise that your water breaking meant that from now on, your eyes will leak water, again and again!

That first meeting.

That squishy new face that you have known all along. This face is not just yours but you are theirs. Forever.

You are now a woman who's heart is on the outside of her body and you are so vulnerable for this. You are opened, raw and scared.

You are also full of the most amazing feeling.

A love, that no matter how much you've read or asked about, you still had no idea just how big it could be.

Your eyes leak with the love and magnitude of it all.

And it never stops.

The love. The work. The realising. The fear.

You have taken on the best and biggest job you could ever imagine and you don't even remember the interview!

It's a calling, a responsibility, a journey, an identity, a lesson, a lifelong task of love and learning.

You can never take a break. From now on, you are a mother.

Even when they are at daycare, at school, have left home or you have fled for some time away...your arms ache to hold, your ears strain to hear, your instructions are left unsaid on your lips. The hopes and prayers swirl in your brain.


It never stops.

The love.

It will be yours forever and nothing will replicate it.

This type of love is like a plant, it needs nurturing and looking after. It  grows bigger and stronger when you become a mother again. It grows further when your babies have babies. It grows with every day that passes and every new thing they introduce you to. 

Look mum, I can touch my toes.

Look mum, I can feed myself.

Look mum, I can write my name.

Look mum, I can ride a bike.

Look mum, I can graduate.

Look mum, I'm moving out.

Look mum, your grandchild.

It will never stop and I want to applaud the mothers who know what they have.

Who never stop learning. Who never stop striving and trying to be the best mum they can be.

You are doing the single most important job in the world, paid in more love than you ever thought existed here on Earth.

It is the breaking of who you thought you were and the making of who you are now.

Yours in health and love,

Alisha x

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