An Ode to the Father I Live With

Here on this blog, I have written many words for mums. It's what I do.

Today I am writing some words for the fathers.

Particularly the dad that I get to see in action every day, my husband.

He's a wonderful dad and in hindsight, I feel so very proud of myself for picking the best possible partner to raise kids with.

Not that I looked for a partner with these traits. Oh no! Quite the opposite in fact...

For a long while, I didn't think we would be parents. We spent the first nine years together very happily going about our business as a couple and we didn't really want others to intrude on our twosome.

Until that changed. Like all things do.

Luckily we got pregnant quickly and easily once we decided to embark on this parenthood journey and gosh what a good choice we made. Because as hard as it's been, one of my many joys of becoming a parent has been seeing what it has brought out in my husband.

I often think that my two little cherubs are so bloody lucky to have won the dad lottery. I don't mean it to sound that my husband is perfect (oh my lord no! He drives me up the wall many days of the week and we don't always agree on how to parent our children) but I have to admit that I love him more since he became the father to my children and that his job so far has definitely inspired this short poem.

I hope some mums can relate when thinking of their own 'co-parent' or maybe you yourself were lucky enough to win the dad lottery with the father that raised you.

I just wanted to put down some words for all the amazing dads out there...especially you Scotty.

Thank you for always sharing your smile especially when I lose mine

Thank you for the smiles you put on our kids faces as soon as you walk in the door

Thank you for bringing them to tears with giggles from tickling

Thank you for always supporting them and supporting me

Thank you for making the best paper aeroplanes in all the world

Thank you for being someone that makes them unafraid

Thank you for holding them tight...and helping me to let go...

Thank you for reading so many books

Thank you for being the best substitute for me when I'm not around

Thank you for challenging them on things that I can't

Thank you for helping them be brave and take risks

Thank you for taking over and parenting like you've done this all before

Thank you for being patient with me when I start to lose myself

Thank you for still loving me when you've seen me at my worst

Thank you for allowing me to feel I'm only half the equation

Thank you for making this parenting gig easier

Thank you for making our children feel so loved

Thank you for your trust in me as I help shape your most precious gifts

Thank you for giving me my greatest lessons and greatest loves

Thank you

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!

Yours in health,

Alisha x

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